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Following the opening of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science in October 2016, Scotch College has now commenced construction of a new facility for Design and Technology. The Design and Technology Cube will be a centre of innovation, where boys will discover new possibilities in the rapidly progressing fields of Design and Technology, and Engineering.

Learning will occur through collaboration and experimentation in both traditional skills and emerging processes. In state-of-the-art workshops and design studios, boys will develop skills in design, testing and refinement that are essential to every field of enterprise.

Supporting the iterative nature of problem solving and development, the centre is premised on a seamless flow between studios incorporating computer-aided design facilities and spaces for creation – be the product electrical, mechanical, a piece of software, a traditional work of craftsmanship or, indeed, a system comprising some or all of these elements.

The spaces of the Design and Technology Cube have been purposely formed to embrace and enhance the relationship between the design and making phases, and the interaction of people, ideas, materials and technologies which supports this iterative process.

Such spaces include:

  • Two design studios, each attached to a multi-purpose workshop
  • An electronics laboratory attached to a large multi-purpose junior workshop
  • A systems engineering laboratory
  • An open-plan staff hub, promoting conversation and innovation across all phases of the design process.

This new centre is expected to be operating by the end of 2017 and will then enable a series of much-needed improvements to take place in the precinct directly behind the main quadrangle.

The new Design and Technology Centre will set a benchmark for buildings supporting the teaching of the design process. Situated at the south-west corner of the Glenn Centre, this stunning new home for Design and Technology will feature views over the Meares Oval and the Yarra River to the west, and across sporting fields and Gardiners Creek to the south.

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