Creation and innovation at Scotch College

Creation and innovation at Scotch College

The latest project taking shape at Scotch College is the Design and Technology Cube. This will be a centre of innovation, where boys will discover new possibilities in the rapidly progressing fields of Design and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Learning will occur through collaboration and experimentation in both traditional skills and emerging processes. In state-of-the-art workshops and design studios, boys will develop skills in design, testing and refinement that are essential to every field of enterprise.

The Design and Technology Cube is a contemporary response to both the ever-evolving discipline of design and the school’s commitment to creativity and progress built on sound academic principles.

Supporting the iterative nature of problem solving and development, the centre is premised on a seamless flow between studios incorporating computer-aided design facilities and spaces for creation – be the product electrical, mechanical, a piece of software, a traditional work of craftsmanship or, indeed, a system comprising some or all of these elements.

Scotch’s latest completed project is the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science. Officially opened in late 2016, the centre provides the boys with the opportunity to engage with scientific areas of study which remain unresolved.

Scotch is home to 160 boarders, from Year 7 to 12. Boys reside in one of three boarding houses and it is in this environment they learn to share their lives with others from a wide range of backgrounds. Boarding at Scotch provides boys access to the school’s outstanding facilities and in any one day a boy might go from rowing training on the Yarra River at the western perimeter of the school, or playing tennis on one of the college’s 26 courts, to playing music in the James Forbes Academy. As Tim Byrnes, Dean of Boarding, noted “by boarding at Scotch, boys from rural and regional families can access world-class facilities such as these, ensuring the education they receive is on par with their city counterparts. It provides opportunities that are seldom found elsewhere”.


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Founded in 1851, Scotch College is one of the oldest schools in Victoria. Since 1916 it has been housed at […]

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