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Student Wellbeing

Performing arts in Australian schools

What is performing arts in Australian schools? According to the Victorian Department of Education, performing arts programs in Australian schools […]

The benefits of peer support

Professor John Toumbourou, Deakin University Chair in Health Psychology, says, “There is an urgent need for school programs to rebuild […]

Book Week 2022

What is Book Week 2022? Book Week is celebrated by schools and public libraries every year.  It is a celebration […]

‘R U OK?’ Day in Schools

Image Credit: De La Salle College, Melbourne What is ‘R U OK?’ Day? ‘R U OK?’ is an Australian harm/suicide […]

Unique learning spaces at school

  There is a growing trend towards unique learning spaces at school. Many modern independent schools are creating unique learning […]

A Guide to Before and After School Care in Australia

What is ‘before and after school care’? Before and after school care in Australia (also known as ‘BASC’) is care […]

Wellbeing in Australian Schools

  Supporting student wellbeing in Australian Schools is fundamental with children spending a large portion of their time at school. […]

Benefits of music in schools

  Music in schools has many benefits for students. Approximately 90% of Australian parents believe that music is an essential […]

What are ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs at school?

  Schools often provide ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs to support the learning needs of different students. ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs come […]

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