‘R U OK?’ Day in Schools

'R U OK?' Day in Schools

Image Credit: De La Salle College, Melbourne

What is ‘R U OK?’ Day?

‘R U OK?’ is an Australian harm/suicide prevention charity which encourages people to “stay connected” and ask:

 “R U OK?”

‘R U OK?’ Day is an annual reminder for Australians to ask their friends, family or colleagues how they are doing and identify any signs of distress or difficulty.

It is held on the second Thursday in September every year.

This is an R U OK? resource. Further information and free resources are available at ruok.org.au

Having a conversation allows students to create an “informal support network” for others before they are in crisis.

Why do we need ‘R U OK’ Day in Schools?

According to ‘R U OK?’, only 4 out of 10 Australians believe asking someone if they are OK is a ‘conversation for an expert’. Research shows that approximately 22% of Australians have not felt a need to check on those around them.

Studies reveal that ‘R U OK?’ is successful in promoting and engaging people towards their message. Australians also believe that the campaign reduces the stigma surrounding professional help-seeking.

Checking in on mental health and wellbeing in Australian Schools is important for students. 

‘R U OK?’ Day in schools can help start the conversation and make a difference, even when someone is not in immediate crisis or distress.

How did schools celebrate‘R U OK?’ Day in 2022?

St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

R U OK? Day was set up by Gavin Larkin, father of St Andrew’s Cathedral School student Josie Larkin (graduated 2019). 

Josie spoke to our Senior College students at a special assembly marking the occasion. The day, she said, is about checking in on each other, caring for one another and listening to each other. With two years of living with COVID and remote learning, it is always worthwhile asking the question – R U OK?

St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

De La Salle College, Melbourne

The De La Salle College community acknowledged ‘R U OK?’ Day by coming together on the Kinnoull oval with music, a BBQ and House activities such as tug of war. Students were given the time and space to chat, to check in and to ask each other ‘R U OK?’.

De La Salle College supports this important initiative in the promotion and discussion of mental health and encourages students to access the various support and wellbeing resources available at the College.

De La Salle College, Melbourne

For further information and free resources visit the ‘R U OK?’ website: ruok.org.au.

Anyone experiencing distress can seek immediate advice and support through Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).

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