Unique learning spaces at school

Unique learning spaces at school. st andrew's cathedral.

There is a growing trend towards unique learning spaces at school.

Many modern independent schools are creating unique learning spaces for students to foster a positive environment.

“Well-considered learning spaces are integral to a child’s learning.”

Yarra Valley Grammar

New buildings are designed not only to educate but provide tools for socialisation, learning, communication and stay up to date with educational trends.

Some students do not thrive in a traditional classroom.Unique learning spaces at school are more flexible to suit all learning styles. Modern learning spaces may cater to collaboration, practice and innovative learning.

Common trends for unique learning spaces at school include:

Multi-functional learning and study spaces

Many independent schools are building multifunctional spaces for students to study, host extracurricular events, socialise or have quiet time.

Multifunctional spaces are a unique way to provide a sense of belonging and improve open communication and wellbeing at school.

Many modern school libraries are a great example of multifunctional student learning spaces.

Senior study centres or rooms are common examples of new multifunctional study spaces. Many senior students are able to use the elected space in their own way.


Technology in the classroom is an integral learning tool. Approximately 43% of Australian teachers and principals believe that digital technology in the classroom has enhanced their teaching and learning activities.

Many schools integrate technology into their new buildings to create unique learning spaces at school.

unique learning spaces at school.Yarra Valley Grammar design building. choosing a school for your child in Victoria.
Credit: Yarra Valley Grammar

Technology in unique learning spaces at school may include ready access to WiFi, smart-boards, heating and cooling systems or desks with power-points.

Technology in learning spaces at school can be more specific and vary from disciplines.

For example, Yarra Valley Grammar’s recently opened Fine Arts facility in 2021 includes a range of technology for students who wish to pursue creative endeavours.

This is “often a hive of activity with students creating various products using traditional furniture making techniques as well as using new and emerging technology such as CNC and laser cutting.”

Yarra Valley Grammar

The top floor of the unique learning space at school includes technology such as:

  • Digital photography space with a light studio

  • Printmaking studio

  • Open studio for painting and drawing

  • Specialist cutting tables, sewing machines and dark room for screen-printing fabrics

Incorporating an indoor-outdoor environment

Many new learning spaces in schools have an indoor-outdoor environment for students.

This is particularly incorporated in early childhood education. Early Learning Centre (ELC) facilities promote creativity and fun through play-based learning in indoor-outdoor facilities.

In older school-aged children, indoor-outdoor learning facilities are often created for scientific and agricultural classes. Many science students leave the classroom for outdoor practical learning.

Why are unique learning spaces at school important?

Facilitates innovative learning

Unique learning spaces at school foster innovative learning and lesson plans. Students and teachers use new technology, or unique environments to influence student learning.

Features of unique learning spaces such as a collaborative room layout function more conversationally. Students can ask questions and discuss learning with classmates and teachers. This allows students to build their social interaction and development.

Studies show having an innovative learning space with a variety of materials is an important influence on the learning process.

Community building

Unique learning spaces at school often encourage collaboration or are a space for students to gather, creating a sense of school community.

Unique learning spaces at school. st andrew's cathedral.
Credit: St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

At St Andrew’s Cathedral School, the unique St Andrew’s Cathedral reflects the school’s rich history.

“St Andrew’s Cathedral is a significant space and reflects our School’s long history—following in the English choir school tradition, our School was initially created to educate choristers.

Built from Sydney sandstone, with a Welsh slate roof, decorative carvings, a tessellated tile floor and stained-glass windows, it is a beautiful space of learning where we hold key events for the whole School community including assemblies, concerts, and student activities.”

Unique learning spaces at school. st andrew's cathedral. boy playing violin.
Credit: St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

Hands-on learning

Most modern learning spaces are designed to facilitate hands-on and practical learning.

For example, indoor-outdoor learning environments are often used to display practical learning for science students outside the classroom.

Alphington grammar school opened their modern STEM wing in 2019. The unique space at school includes state-of-the-art science laboratories and equipment for students to experiment and learn.

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