Ave Maria Day 2023

Ave Maria Day

The College community celebrated Ave Maria Day on the 11th of August 2023. This year’s celebration was additionally special, as we celebrated not only our feast day, but also our 60th Anniversary. Whether it be Ave’s Got Talent, the Eucharist Celebration or Spec Spec, Ave Maria Day was a wonderful celebration as a faith community but also as a community who shares their gifts and talents. Well done to all, including Ms Natalie Meddis, Acting Assistant Principal (Wellbeing and Community) who oversaw preparations and planning on the day.

As part of both Ave Maria Day and our 60th Anniversary celebrations we have acknowledged throughout this year that it is truly a great honour for our college to be named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. This year through our college theme, ‘May we treasure God’s word like Mary’, we have explored with students who Mary was as a person, her calling, her values and her strengths. There is often a perception that Mary was meek and mild rather than a woman of strength, resilience, commitment, dedication, perseverance, and a powerful witness to her faith in God. 

We have been challenging our students to reflect on the following questions.

What can you learn from Mary? How can these values and strengths help guide you through the rest of this year? How will you model the values of Mary as have been outlined to you today?



Ave Maria College is an inclusive Catholic girl’s secondary school located in Aberfeldie, Melbourne, Victoria. Founded in 1963, the College […]

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