Empowering Future Leaders

Empowering Future Leaders

At Ave Maria College, students take centre stage as valued change-makers. As educators of young women for over sixty years, we understand that young people are very aware of the issues facing them both at school and in their wider communities. We believe that each and every student holds a unique perspective and, with the right support, the capacity to take a leading role in improving the College experience.

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With over one hundred formal and informal leadership positions available to students across a diverse range of portfolios, students are provided with opportunities to serve their community and have an impact on decisions that affect them. These portfolios include College Captains as well as Year Level, Franciscan (Faith), Academic, Arts, House and Mentor Leaders which are open to all students at all year levels. Throughout the school year, elected student leaders participate in regular leadership seminars and meetings with College leadership to enhance their skills and generate new ideas.

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2023 was a particularly successful year for the leadership program as student leaders were able to implement a number of new initiatives including the inaugural Youth Response Conference. Led by the Year 8 and 10 Academic Leaders, the College hosted high school aged students from across Australia for a three-day conference focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This was an incredible undertaking for the student leaders who were instrumental in planning, organizing, and running the conference over the course of the three days.


However, while this kind of leadership and achievement is celebrated at Ave, we also recognise that not every leader within our College holds a formal position. Through our Ave Charter for Education Awards and Academic and Community Awards Night, students quietly demonstrating leadership are recognised for their contributions to the College Community, encouraging them to continue to be powerful role models and change-makers.


For more information about our student leadership program, please visit our website avemaria.vic.edu.au/learning-and-wellbeing/student-leadership.



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