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Liverpool Way

Ave Maria College becomes Liverpool Football Club’s first Victorian All-Girls Academy for high-performance soccer.

At Ave Maria College, we pride ourselves on providing our students with a broad and diverse curricular and co-curricular that empowers them to reach their full potential. As educators of young women for over 60 years, we appreciate that every student is different and, therefore, require different pathways and opportunities to grow and thrive. As a result, we are always actively seeking to broaden our programs and pathways as well as build strategic partnerships to ensure that we are setting each and every student on the path to success upon graduation.

Ave Maria

In 2024, Liverpool Football Club (LFC) International Academy Australia will deliver its first all-girls high-performance soccer school program at Ave Maria College. A program which will provide our students with access to the incredible wealth of knowledge Liverpool Football Club has as a world-class soccer club. Students will not only be able to develop their skills as players technically, tactically and physically but also have access to a variety of programs and resources for their social and mental development to enhance important life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

But why LFC? One of the most important things that we look for in a strategic partner is a partner that aligns with our values and goals as a college. As we seek to support our students in all their endeavours, whether it be academic, sporting, or artistic, creating opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential is paramount to us as educators.

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While we have been fortunate to have had numerous alumnae go onto have successful careers in sport, we know that it can be an incredibly difficult path for female athletes. It is, therefore, important to us to do what we can to help support and empower our students as athletes as they forge their path in their chosen sport. LFC International Academy’s track record of developing successful footballers combined with their eagerness to empower our female athletes through an all-girls academy here at Ave Maria College has made for a perfect partnership and a momentous opportunity for us.

We are honoured to be leading this new era of women’s football in Australia with LFC International Academy and hope that we may see some of our students on the soccer world stage in years to come.



Ave Maria College is an inclusive Catholic girl’s secondary school located in Aberfeldie, Melbourne, Victoria. Founded in 1963, the College […]

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