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Extra Curricular

Should I send my child to tuition?

Independent schooling fees can become a large investment for parents. Approximately 25% of Australian students are attending private tuition to […]

How has the Australian Boarding School Community Evolved?

Credit: Freshnam School Boarding schools are an option for parents looking to enrol in independent schooling. They enable students to make […]

Coeducational vs single-sex schooling: a guide for parents to decide which option is best for their child

Credit: Macquarie Grammar With conflicting advice on whether coeducational or single-sex schools are better, parents investing in independent education must […]


What started as a small trial for a handful of MLC School girls, quickly took on much greater proportions when […]

Internship Programme at Ruyton Girls’ School

As actress Helen Hayes said, ‘The expert in anything was once a beginner.’ I wholeheartedly agree and therefore am perplexed by […]

Having Fun is Child’s Play

Create the ultimate playground for your restless kids this school holidays For most parents the school holidays are a stressful […]

How teaching is changing

By Jake Plaskett, Director of Learning Innovation, Ruyton Girls’ School Change is constant and innovation is optional. The world of […]

Citizens of the world

The concept of being a ‘citizen of the world’ dates back to Socrates, but never has it been more relevant. […]

From a student perspective – UN Youth Delegation

By Navya Kataria, Year 11 Talking to Syrian refugees who’ve just escaped certain death … playing a soccer game with […]

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