Citizens of the world

Citizens of the world

The concept of being a ‘citizen of the world’ dates back to Socrates, but never has it been more relevant. We are all citizens of an emerging global community connected through technology and humanity. It is important to be aware of the wider world, understand how it works and have a sense of our role in solutions for global issues such as extreme poverty, inequality, the need for peace and environmental sustainability.

Universities have traditionally been the setting where young people first engage with the idea of global citizenship, predominantly focusing on commerce and career opportunities. The time has come to broaden our outlook beyond jobs and engage students earlier so that they can influence the direction of the world they live in.

Ivanhoe Grammar’s new Global Leadership Centre will do this and more.  Officially launched on 29 May 2017, the Australian-first centre is run in partnership with the JUMP! Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise that specialises in youth empowerment, leadership and global citizenship education.

Citizens of the world

The centre is designed to build staff and student competency and facilitate experience and professional development for other schools, teachers and students. It will help educators Australia-wide to embrace global citizenship in their programs and see students run TEDx-style youth events and partner with local service groups.

Locals will be welcome at school events designed to foster a sense of community beyond the school gate, both locally and internationally. Students will develop social entrepreneurship and a global outlook from pre-school.

Starting with simple awareness activities, it is envisaged that students will run community events, organise public talks, attend service retreats and train in global leadership. They can earn unique certificates in global leadership, while teachers will be offered professional development in related areas.

Run by the JUMP! Foundation, the centre will nurture curriculum innovation, cultivate global education links online and in person, organise community events and host international student conferences.

The centre provides access to global education experts, the latest research, tools and transformative learning experiences to foster:

  • an understanding of global issues and their impact locally, nationally and overseas
  • global citizenship skills and attributes – particularly leadership, intercultural understanding and service learning
  • global citizen curriculum innovation to enhance student development and inspire educators
  • a commitment to engage with global issues and make change
  • local and international community partnerships

Being a ‘good citizen’ has been a focus at Ivanhoe Grammar School since its inception 102 years ago. Founding principal, The Reverend Sydney Buckley, described the role of education in developing people of character and developed a model of learning through service and leadership. It continues to define Ivanhoe Grammar School’s ethos.

Over the past 20 years, service and leadership activities at Ivanhoe Grammar School have evolved beyond the local community to international opportunities that encourage students to be good global citizens. Supporting them to develop a global outlook has seen initiatives including:

  • studying a language from ELC until at least the end of Year 9
  • all students studying VCE Global Politics as part of Year 10 Humanities, enabling them to understand Australia in a global context and engage in contemporary global issues
  • offering internationally recognised VCE alternative, the International Baccalaureate (IB), as a member of IB World Schools
  • joining the Round Square International Network to share experiences with like-minded schools globally through international conferences, cultural tours and collaborative learning with sister schools in this network.

Continual improvement is a key focus of Round Square schools which is why Ivanhoe Grammar School partnered with JUMP! Foundation to further develop global citizenship competencies throughout the school community. Working closely with JUMP!, its aim is to develop a best practice global citizenship education model for Australian schools.

Key activities that students have been involved in include:

      • establishing a cross-campus and year level student Global Ambassadors group to advocate global citizenship
      • an annual week-long global citizenship festival incorporating global education into the curriculum across all campuses and year levels
      • student community building initiatives, creating connections across campuses and year levels
      • working with Amnesty International to test its Human Rights Friendly Schools Program
      • attending the Asia Education Foundation Global Goals Youth Forum to discuss global goals for sustainable development and innovative solutions to achieve positive change
      • activities supporting UNICEF’s 17 global goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and address climate change by 2030

Ivanhoe Grammar School recognises that global citizenship is more than language skills and an understanding of politics and issues. It is about advocating for change, being involved in service activities benefiting local, national and international communities, and developing key characteristics of an Ivanhoe Learner: innovation, courage, compassion, balance, collaboration, reflection and ethics – all essential in becoming the best global citizens we can be.


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