Having Fun is Child’s Play

Create the ultimate playground for your restless kids this school holidays

For most parents the school holidays are a stressful time of the year. It’s all fun and games while the kids are at school, but once school is out, parents have to find ways to keep their energetic kids occupied without breaking the bank. Nothing screams louder than a hungry five-year-old as you visit Sydney Olympic Park for that memory-making archery contest. Years from now, your kids will be laughing as they describe their own version of the Hunger Games with mum and dad as reluctant volunteers. Better to keep them safe and tucked away in the house where they can’t do your psyche, or your body, any harm.

So how do you keep them occupied over the holidays? You could always do it yourself with the new range of DIY playset products from Sandleford, a leading Australian hardware supplier. There’s nothing like letting your rough-and-tumble kid entertain themselves with the Swing Slide Climb Cabana Cubby House. With springy Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing to protect your child’s knees and soft Rainbow sand for that ultimate fairy castle, your child can be entertained for hours while you remain safe and stress-free.

Jay Flavel, business manager of Sandleford, says Sandleford products are all available exclusively at Bunnings and are good safe fun for accident-prone youngsters. “Kids can now enjoy the outdoors all while feeling safe on non-slip, permeable Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing – and best of all, it’s all DIY,” says Jay.

The Swing Slide Climb Cabana Cubby House is made from real timber and features a spacious verandah with ladder access, fully functioning windows and a 1.2 metre slide which can lead right down into the Rainbow Sand pit.

Available in a variety of colours, Rainbow sand is exceedingly safe: fun, non-toxic and non-staining, a big help to your ever-growing summer washing basket. Suitable for ages 3 and up, if you play it right, you’ll never have to see your kids again: they will be too mesmerised by sunshine and sparkly colours.

Finally, Pour-in-Place Rubber Surfacing is suitable for pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds, stairs and more, meaning not only can you keep your kids safely out of your hair, but you can start on that long-overdue backyard renovation while you’re at it. It’s impact-absorbing, non-slip and can be laid on any surface. Have your proverbial cake and eat too with seamless rubber surfacing in less than 50 minutes.

These easy DIY solutions will make your backyard the destination of choice for your kids.

To purchase or find out more, please visit www.pourinplace.com.au, /www.swingslideclimb.com.au or head into your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.

Words: Alana Lopez

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