What makes St Leonard’s College such a great school?

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This is a question I often get asked. At the centre of our wonderful school are the brilliant young people our staff have the privilege of working closely with every day.

Our students are hard-working, appreciative, respectful and know the value of developing strong relationships. In addition, they balance this with the spirit to question the status quo and a willingness to get involved in all we offer, both inside and outside the classroom. This combination allows us to create an environment that allows all students to thrive, ensuring they will leave our gates as motivated, inquisitive and compassionate young adults.

At the centre of a St Leonard’s education is the work of our teachers, who create a learning environment that stimulates the thinking of students and engages them in real-world learning experiences at every opportunity. Throughout years 11 and 12 our students are fortunate to be able to select either the VCE or IBDP. Both are enriching learning programs that allow students to excel in their chosen subjects, something each year 12 cohort demonstrates at the conclusion of the year through the outstanding results they achieve. Many of our teachers work across both programs and prioritise the need to work closely with our senior students within the classes and at other times throughout the day. It is this close working relationship that is valued by both staff and students and ensures powerful connections are formed between the teacher and the learners in their classes.

Seeing the willingness of our students to involve themselves in all areas of school life is a wonderful representation of how much they value and appreciate the opportunities they are given. Any student at St Leonard’s has the chance to find their passion and have it nurtured and encouraged by both staff and students alike. We offer a huge range of experiences and to see so many of them excel in these opportunities is a special part of an education at St Leonard’s. They successfully lead others and are positive role models for so many which enables them to develop skills and knowledge they will use for the rest of their lives, Whether it is our year 10 camp leaders working with students in years 4 to 7 during their camps at Camp Ibis, our year 11s working with year 7s as Peer Support leaders or our year 12 House Captains working with year 9s in training them up to be ‘Active Bystanders’, our senior leaders value the chance to work with younger students across the College and this is essential to creating such a positive culture at St Leonard’s.

The positive, respectful and supportive relationships that our students develop with both students and staff are fostered by the work of our Mentors. Through their regular one-on-one meetings and check-ins, our Mentors monitor the social and emotional wellbeing of the students in their care. This allows all students to achieve their best as happy and healthy young people. In addition, our Mentors check on the co-curricular programs the students are engaging in. ACS sport is compulsory for all students up to year 12, but all students are encouraged to find their passion and engage in many areas of school life. This is crucial for our year 12 students, as we know that having a balance in their program and not solely focusing on their academic study during their final year of school, will best prepare them to be active and engaged citizens in their post-school life.

Our students find their niche and passions during their time at St Leonard’s. Whether it is through involvement in drama, music, sport, student publications, enrichment programs, chess or debating teams, social action initiatives or the abundance of House events on offer, these contributions enable our students to achieve success, receive positive recognition from staff and students alike and create enjoyment and unforgettable memories during their school years. In addition, exploring many parts of our country through the College’s diverse outdoor experiences creates unique opportunities and pushes them out of their comfort zone. Attending hikes, snow trips, rock-climbing camps and surfing or mountain biking experiences helps all students build resilience, stay healthy and learn more about themselves and the world in which they live.

The relationships the students form during their time at St Leonard’s and the way they embrace the experiences we offer, all contribute to making them such positive, engaged and respectful young people. The appreciation they show every day for the opportunities they have been given demonstrates to us that they know how fortunate they are to attend St Leonard’s and that they never take this for granted. It makes me so proud to see such well-rounded, positive, resilient and appreciative young adults who conclude their time here ready to achieve remarkable things. This is the hallmark of our great school.

John Moore

St Leonard’s College

Head of Senior School

*Article first published in St Leonard’s College Network Magazine


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