Swimming Sensations Blitz

Outstanding news is enveloping the lives of Roseville College students and staff as two of their own have gone on to achieve incredible results in their respective multiclass events. Year 4 athlete, Erin Masters, has qualified as the youngest multiclass swimmer to trial for the NSW Representative team at the Pan Pacific Games which are to be held in November.

Along with her, Year 6 mentor and friend, Chloe Oates, has completed the early stages of selection for the November Games. Family, friends and teachers that are all close with the pair are ecstatic about their achievements and in particular, their progression and determination in order to give themselves the opportunity to be available for selection.

Junior Sports teacher, Mrs. Jenine Blessington, said both girls showed “great sportsmanship and determination in training and at meets” and overcame many disappointments and challenges in order to compete at such a high level. Mrs Blessington said she could not fault the focus the girls showed as well as resilience through countless disappointments. Through this determination, Chloe in particular has become an inspiration to all her peers as well as becoming a valued friend, team mate and mentor for Erin, who is setting out her own pathways and putting into place goals she can adhere to.

The next step for Erin in order for her to fulfill her Pacific Games goals is to trial as the youngest competitor in the 10-12 years multiclass Girls 50m Backstroke held at the NSW State Championships at Homebush in May. It will require a true test of her character in order to succeed but if her past results are any indication of what she is capable of, it can be only seen as a small hurdle on her way to ultimate glory.

Both girls made all of this possible by sticking to their training regime and striving to improve any slight imperfections that were found in their performances. Their recent accomplishments at the NSW PSSA Swimming Championships hold a clear indication of the level of success that can be achieved by each of them. Boundaries had been met, and broken, both in the pool and outside whilst trying to be the absolute best; none of it has gone unnoticed. With this said, the chance to compete in their respective events could only be made by the use of multiclass competition.

The advantage of multiclass competition, especially in swimming, allows competitors with a range of disabilities to compete in a meaningful and fair manner that builds confidence and self-esteem simultaneously. This type of competition is a true depiction of the “have a go” attitude that is implored to all of Roseville’s students, and is mostly represented through a majority of its graduates.

Each staff member nurtures the potential in every single student and guides their transition in becoming an independent woman that is rich in character, wisdom and action. Couple this with the outstanding facilities RosevilleCollege has to offer, which includes a heated swimming pool and multi-purpose outdoor courts, the names Erin Masters and Chloe Oates will regularly come to mind whenever the Pacific Games are brought up in conversation.

Good luck, girls!


Words: Simeon Barut


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