Nurturing Creativity and Confidence: “Chicago” at Canberra Grammar School

Creativity And Confidence

At Canberra Grammar School (CGS), our mission is to educate students who embody the qualities we value: curiosity, creativity, confidence, and compassion. We are dedicated to nurturing these qualities preparing our students to become well-rounded citizens of the world. Our commitment is to provide a dynamic and distinctive centre of learning in Australia, building on the professional expertise of our staff, the support of our community, and the resources of our nation’s capital.

Academic excellence, extracurricular engagement, and personal growth opportunities are all integral to our students’ success. We foster the innate intellectual curiosity of our students by encouraging critical thinking, creative expression, and a lifelong love of learning.

One shining example of our commitment to nurturing creativity and confidence is the recent musical production of “Chicago” by our Performing Arts Department. “Chicago” is the most significant Broadway musical production our school has undertaken recently. This musical is a demanding showcase of theatrical talent, requiring performers to sing, dance, and act simultaneously, often in the same scene. The rehearsal and production period was a transformative learning experience for both students and staff. It included the development of new skills and meaningful discussions on addressing sensitive and adult themes.

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“Chicago” is a journey into the world of vaudeville, burlesque, comedy, song, and dance. It invites the audience to suspend disbelief, empathise with its characters, and get swept up in the razzle-dazzle of the roaring twenties.

Participating in such a production significantly contributes to personal development. Collaboration and idea-sharing during the creative process have real-world implications in various professional fields. It builds confidence through the power of the voice and fosters creative freedom and expression through movement, lighting, costume, sound, and set design. Students push themselves to achieve a high level of self-expression while helping others realise their artistic vision. This embodies student-centred learning and supports interest and enjoyment in the performing arts through interactive exploration.

Studying the performing arts is a sincere way to develop creativity, compassion, collaboration, and confidence in our students and ourselves. Your achievements, satisfaction with the final product, and personal growth are the true measures of success. At CGS, we encourage our students to follow their passions and take pride in their artistic journeys.


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