Enriching Primary Education at Canberra Grammar School

Primary Education

Founded in 1929, Canberra Grammar School is dedicated to providing education to the children of Australia’s capital city and surrounding regions. Rooted in Christian scriptures and traditions yet welcoming students of all faiths and backgrounds, our institution thrives on values of curiosity, creativity, confidence, compassion, and global citizenship.


Nestled in Ngunnawal country, our campus sprawls over 20 hectares and boasts state-of-the-art facilities such as the recently inaugurated Primary School Building with multi-level learning spaces, purpose-built Early Learning Centre, Snow Concert Hall, libraries, and sporting amenities. From the heritage-listed quadrangle to the Chapel, every corner echoes our dedication to excellence.


Over our 95 years, we have consistently committed to providing a holistic educational experience from Pre-School to Year 12. For parents seeking a nurturing environment where their children can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, Canberra Grammar School offers an unparalleled opportunity.

Our academic philosophy extends beyond textbooks and examinations. Through innovative teaching methods, we ignite curiosity and a love for learning. As Harry, a Year 5 student from the Primary School, aptly puts it, “Maths is not about symbols, but ideas.” Edward adds, “Maths is a language,” emphasising the importance of understanding its concepts. And Hamish beautifully summarises, “Maths is an important thing that changes the world.”


Education at Canberra Grammar School transcends academics. Through experiential learning, athletics, and leadership opportunities, we instil self-assurance rooted in service to others, nurturing our leaders of tomorrow. Experiences such as the Kids Lit Quiz offer Avi, a Year 6 student, the opportunity to enjoy being on the team, highlighting the importance of cooperation skills, while Isla cherishes the camaraderie and joy of connecting with fellow book lovers. Alongside a robust co-curricular programme from sports to arts, we aim to foster personal growth, resilience, and a sense of belonging. Our commitment to building confidence and character is unwavering.

As parents, we know that the choice of school shapes a child’s future. Register for an Open Day and discover the Canberra Grammar School Difference. Contact us now to secure your child’s place in our vibrant community, where every individual is encouraged to thrive.

Open Day

Dr Sandra Webster | Deputy Head (Head of Primary School)
Canberra Grammar School



Initially founded in Cooma as Manaro Grammar School in 1908, the school was re-established on its current site in 1929 […]

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