New state-of-the-art spaces at Caulfield Grammar School

New State-of-the-Art sapces

Term 3 2022 saw lots of laughter, excitement and exploration as a new learning precinct at Caulfield Grammar School’s Early Learning to Year 12 Wheelers Hill Campus opened for students. And it’s spectacular. This state-of-the-art Junior School A Cluster learning precinct, which includes a new playground area with age-appropriate equipment and landscaped gardens, has allowed the Junior Campus to take on a third Year 5 class in 2022 and 2023. This will cater for a total of three
Years 5 and 6 classes in 2023.

This new teaching and learning development was led by Sarah Salter, Head of Wheelers Hill Junior Campus, in collaboration with many school community stakeholders and external partners with a strong background in education and inclusion.

“We have collected key learnings with each campus building project completed,” says Sarah. “A Cluster has been the opportunity to crystalise this thinking into an exciting new project that reflects our approach to contemporary learning environments. Our focus was on creating truly flexible learning spaces that cater for the diverse learning needs of all our students.”

Every year level will now have their own flexible learning space custom-designed for their age, with breakout and collaboration spaces. “We wanted the building to reflect our connection to Jells Park and our incredible outdoor learning spaces, creating opportunities for students to transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor learning spaces,” says Sarah. “Our natural environment creates so many opportunities to connect learning to the real world, and every day our students find inspiration
in the world around them.”

The building is DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) approved, with many considerations to ensure accessibility, including wheelchair access and an indoor lift.

“The ability to open up connecting doors and create breakout spaces allows our students to learn in an inclusive and connected environment,” says Sarah. “We know each of our students as individuals and pride ourselves on tailoring learning to their specific needs. Our students are supported by multiple teaching staff including classroom teachers, educational assistants, learning strategies teachers and EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers. Our classrooms allow this scaffolding and extension to occur while connected to the classroom, supporting a cohesive and flexible learning environment.”

Campus staff took the learning opportunity of an active building site during the school term to watch and discuss the process with students.

“Minimising disruption for our students and community was a priority,” says Sarah. “Opting for an off-site procurement model meant that the building was prefabricated in a factory, cut apart, trucked in and craned into place. It was fascinating for staff and students to watch it all come together.

“A Cluster is a wonderful addition to our campus and the other outstanding spaces that students learn in, from our 650-seat professional theatre and extensive sporting facilities to STEM-based play areas and our connection to the natural environment at Jells Park next door. Our campus provides
so many opportunities for quality learning to take place every day.”


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