Falcon Scholarship for Enterprise for entry into Years 9 or 10 in 2022 – Apply now!

Falcon Scholarship

Calling all budding entrepreneurs – The Falcon Scholarship for Enterprise is open to new and current students who will enter Years 9 or 10 in 2022.

The world has changed over these past two years. Disruption has meant the world of work is fundamentally different, and we believe the skills needed tomorrow are agility, resilience, and the ability to think outside the box.

This is why The Knox School is launching The Falcon Scholarship for Enterprise. It wants to give students the opportunity to build these skills in an environment that allows them to thrive with dedicated opportunities to bring their visions to life.

In addition to the Personalised Learning experience of all TKS students, scholarship recipients will connect with each other while participating in challenging and engaging pursuits. They are provided important opportunities to shape their creative and critical-thinking skills while positioning themselves for better employment prospects for the future.

The scholarship offers a discount of 50 per cent off tuition fees and is tenable until the end of Year 12.

Why Entrepreneurship?

In today’s classrooms, more and more students are undertaking entrepreneurial studies and the benefits go way beyond making a profit. Students are learning how to budget, purchase stock, rotate stock, advertise and mark up stock. They are learning how to be creative, how to collaborate and how to communicate. But it doesn’t stop there.

Students undertaking business entrepreneurship also develop sophisticated analytical and critical-thinking skills.

Their study and subsequent understanding of how business advertise products effectively leads to a higher degree of analytical and critical-thinking skills as they interpret why certain forms of advertising work.

School-based business entrepreneurship explores the cause and effects of advertising while operating an entrepreneurial activity. This is especially true if the goal of that entrepreneurial activity is to seek and improve profit, most likely through using different advertising techniques. Students running their own business become engaged with the different methods and ideas behind loyalty schemes, targeted-demographic advertising, complementary product pricing and loss leaders.

Consequently, the students exposure to these advertising strategies results in a much deeper understanding of how they themselves can be targeted by big business and convinced to hand over their cash for products they often don’t need. As a result, business entrepreneurial students often develop a mindset positioned to think like ‘Shark Tank‘ and analyse like the ‘The Gruen Factor‘ resulting in a much higher degree of savvy consumer etiquette; they are not easily fooled. And that’s an awesome hidden benefit in this world.

Over the past few years, The Knox School has had considerable success in recognition of its entrepreneurial activities. The following successful outcomes have been launched from its entrepreneurial program:

  • Three Year 8 students represented Victoria in the Australian Video Game Challenge Coding Competition with their work exhibited at Science Works, Victoria (2019)
  • Two Year 7 students represented Victoria in the First Pitch Competition after designing a COVID-19 musical hand-washing device for small children (2020)
  • Four Year 11 students participated in the National Finals for the Conrad Challenge in Brisbane after developing a computer app for the gamification of healthy eating (2019) and made it to the semi-finals (round 2) of the world finals in the USA.
  • Four Year 10 WISE (Women in STEM Enterprise) Monash University, Finalist (2019)
  • Three Year 12 students represented Australia at NASA for the World Conrad Challenge (2018), and won their category at the world finals the following year, giving them the title of Conrad Scholars in 2019, after prototyping fingerprint technology for EFTPOS machines.
  • One Year 11 student won the Australian prize for the Stock Market Game (2019)
  • Two Year 10 students won State-level prizes for the Stock Market Game (2019)
  • Four Year 10 students contributed their thoughts towards redesigning the Australian Curriculum in Entrepreneurship with Foundation for Young Australians (2018)

Application Process

If your child has an interest in making ideas a reality, or if you believe they could use the essential designing thinking skills they develop in this program to succeed in life after school then apply for a Scholarship in 2022.


Visit the application page HERE



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