Martin Place was blessed with the presence of Roseville College Junior School students this Easter as they joined Fusion’s “Easter in the City” event. Students from the College sung messages of Joy and Hope across the City in an attempt to share Jesus’ message in an area that is otherwise marred by the Sydney Siege last Christmas – this attempt was very successful.

The event, which is a directed by Fusion, a Christian youth and community organization focused on socially-at-risk young people, was held under cloudy skies that loomed with the possibility of rain. This didn’t stop people who were walking by as crowds formed to support the girls as they reminded onlookers that “Jesus is the light of the world”.

It’s as if Jesus was listening to their harmonious songs, because a short time after the commencement of their singing, the cloudy skies parted and sunlight shun upon the girls creating a warm feeling as bible verses and songs echoed the entire street.

Easter is a very important time for Christians, and seeing that Roseville College Junior School is Anglican, it was absolutely prevalent that the messages of hope and faith were delivered in a coherent manner, especially considering the place of the event, according to choral director Mrs. Sarah Trevelyan-Jones.

“The girls performed with confidence and beautiful harmony,” said Mrs Trevelyan-Jones. “It is a special thing to share this with others, especially in Martin Place where hope was bruised last Christmas. Events like ‘Easter in the City’ continue to testify to the wider community that Jesus is our Hope and Joy for the world, and that the younger generations of Australia still have a great deal to sing about and look forward to.”


The true meaning of Easter was definitely present as parent helpers and volunteers provided students and audience members with plastic bags to sit on, a true depiction of what Jesus would want as a result of his sacrifice; appreciation and care for one another.


The entirety of this event was made possible by Fusion which emerged in 1960. For over these 30 years, Fusion has been caring for young Australians through a range of housing programs. Currently, there are 12 housing services which provide well over 40,000 nights of accommodation per year. As well as this, Fusion has provided copious amounts of young people appropriate life models and situations that enable them to grow into respectable contributors to society. This has given each cared-for child a feeling of self-significance and let them develop relationships and independent life skills.


This greatly intertwines with what RosevilleCollege stands for, as they have been sculpting and directing each girl that enters their school on to a path of greatness and high achievement. The singing and reading of bible verses and songs in Martin Place is a true reflection on the good faith of each student that attends Roseville, wanting to share and spread their faith in Jesus. Everyone has a choice to go on the right path when venturing through life, you just need to be guided by the right people.


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