Why you should be encouraging your children to craft


The benefits to your child’s mental health and happiness could be just a stitch away…

Here at School Choice, we want to help you help your child in any way we can. So we have conducted a little research into the overwhelmingly brilliant benefits of crafting, and have outlined all the reasons why you should be taking it up with your child below.

Crafting exercises your brain

We all know how important physical exercise is for our children’s health, but do we ever put as much effort into exercising our children’s brains to benefit their mental health?

Having a fit and healthy brain is detrimental to a child’s grow and will better equip them for the studious tasks ahead in their schooling life – and exercising your brain is a lot simpler than you think.

Did you know that every time you engage in a new or complex activity that your brain, to compute this information, starts to create new connections between brain cells. And this is something that happens rapidly when children participate in art and craft activities – creating and imagining the piece as it evolves.

The ability to grow and alter these connections is referred to as neuroplasticity, and it is commonly thought that the more connections your brain holds is directly related to your intelligence levels. So, in simple terms, you can stitch your way to smarts!


A craft task can actually relieve stress

Art activities, such as stitching and quilting, can actually leave you feeling mentally clear as it provides a brilliant distraction from the usual stresses of the day and gives your brain a well-earned rest.

As crafters will know, when you become totally immersed in an activity (especially when it is creative) you can easily fall into ‘the zone’, which is essentially a mediative state.

Another plus size of this is that your brain retains this ability to focus and can apply this state to other scenarios – such as studying!


Craft projects provide a huge sense of achievement

Just like when you finish a project at work or home (anything from nailing a presentation or simply finishing that massive stack of ironing) that sense of accomplishment you feel is wonderful – and great for your self-esteem.

The same feeling is achieved when you finish a creative project (such as an embroidery or quilt). For a child completing a craft project, they will get that ‘I did it!’ sensation and receive a huge boost of dopamine that will make them feel good and motivate them to forge ahead and achieve more goals.

Completing a craft project also gives parents a great opportunity to give praise to their child and implement a task-and-reward system, encouraging them not to give up and to finish their project.


You can use crafting as a bonding experience for you and your child

Working on a craft project with your child can be a brilliant chance to bond with your child through working together and getting creative with each other. If you were to produce a long-lasting object together, such as a beautiful quilt or adorable soft toy, then you can hold on to that piece and it will forever work as a reminder of your time making it together.

Looking for craft projects to work on with your child? Have a look at these cosy options below:

(…or if you want to create something for your child then scroll down to see sneaky projects that you can complete for your little one)


Kid’s modern squares quilt: This is the perfect contemporary quilt pattern for kids, this modern squares quilt pattern is great for using up large-scale children’s print fabrics without losing parts of the fabric motifs. You can buy this pattern from Cosy Project by clicking here: Kid’s modern squares quilt


Cupcake sewing accessories: The sweetest sewing accessories around! This pattern from Michelle Ridgway makes the cutest cupcake needlebook, scissor fob, pouch and mug rug, all in the shape of cupcakes or embellished with cupcake appliqué and decorated with embroidered flowers and designs. You can purchase this project pattern from Cosy Project by clicking here: Cupcake sewing accessories

cupcake-1 cupcake-2

Gingerbread house placemat: Create a sweet Gingerbread House placemat to decorate your family’s table with this easy-to-do placemat pattern, featuring appliqué sweets, ric rac and striped fabric binding to embellish the placemat. You can buy this pattern from Cosy Project by clicking here: Gingerbread house placemat

ginger-1 ginger-2

Make the perfect gift for your little one

Stu diaz geek doll: The cutest geek doll around, Stu Diaz makes a great play and study mate for your child. This doll pattern from Sarah Hanson even includes felt books for that all-important studying. You can buy this doll pattern for only $11.95 from Cosy Project by clicking here: Stu diaz geek doll

geek-1 geek-2


Owl read it to you library bag: Any child will love a trip to the library with this super-cute embroidered owl drawstring library bag pattern from Cosy Project, with two soft owls sitting atop some bunting with embroidered flowers, tree and bee buzzing past. You can buy this pattern by clicking here: Owl read it to you library bag

owl-1 owl-2



We could not encourage crafting with your kids more! Please do get in touch and let us know how your projects go – we would love to hear from you and see you projects in progress!


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