What are Steiner Schools?


The Steiner Waldorf educational movement was founded in Germany by Dr Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, philosopher and educationalist. Steiner’s educational philosophy focuses on the three developmental phases of childhood: imitation (age 0 to seven), imagination (seven to 14) and rational judgment (14 to 21).

Steiner schools facilitate this philosophy in their teaching and use interactive teaching methods that incorporate an experiential and multi-sensory approach to learning. The schools’ curricula focus on the appropriate abilities of children based on their age. They aim to balance academic achievement with the development of physical, artistic and social skills.

All Steiner schools are co-educational and non-denominational and are run by a college of teachers, not a principal.

The Steiner Schools that we have listed in our Schools Choice Directory are:

New South Wales

  • Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School
  • Lorien Novalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education


  • Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School
  • Sophia Mundi Rudolf Steiner School
  • Castlemaine Steiner School and Kindergarten
  • Little Yarra Steiner School

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