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It was another very successful year at The Kilmore International School for students undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2019.

A majority of the graduating class of 2019 scored an ATAR above 90 and 30 per cent scored an ATAR of 95 or more. Almost 90 per cent of graduates received at least one university offer from The Group of Eight (Australia’s leading research universities), with 48 per cent receiving a first-round offer to the University of Melbourne.

Of course, education is more than academic achievement. Although academic results such as a high ATAR might give you an interview or university offer, to get the job or make a difference you will be someone who can think critically and creatively, speak and write persuasively, adapt to new challenges and collaborate with and influence others.

The Kilmore International School (TKIS), strives to deliver these personal and social skills through “managed independence.” Such so-called ‘soft skills’ are embodied in the IB Learner Profile and students cultivate them by participating in goal-focused and challenging school activities and projects under the guidance of their caring and experienced teachers.

The preparation for academic success in Year 12 starts much earlier and demand for the school, particularly from local residents in surrounding areas of Kilmore, Wallan and Craigieburn, is increasing. TKIS is proud to announce that it has opened a second Year 6 class to meet demand and ensure students are achieving a rich education experience as they navigate the middle-years program.

“The primary school teachers at TKIS make sure every student gets the care and support they need in all subjects in a way they can understand the topics. TKIS provides a positive environment and inclusiveness to all students at the school” says Katie Jones who joined TKIS last year in Year 6.

Aarushi SODHI, a Middle School student in Year 9 agrees; “TKIS has provided me with many opportunities to progress my knowledge and further develop myself as a person. The comforting environment of the school created by the teachers and other students has given me confidence in myself and allowed me to discover my true academic potential.”

“I believe an international education at TKIS equips students to be world-ready and prepares them for university and successful careers. I invite you to visit our school to discover how TKIS can provide the start in life your child needs” says principal, Mr Andrew Taylor.


The school aims to provide a broad-based liberal education that encourages students to grow into active citizens of the world […]

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