The benefits of school alumni associations

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The Old Xaverian community provides past students with a continued sense of belonging and to be able to engage with the community with a sense of comfort whenever they want to. This is possible through a vast array of engagement activities. These range from year-level, interstate and international, and special-interest reunions to the Annual Golf Day at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, the ANZAC Day Commemorative Mass held in the Xavier College Memorial Chapel (built after World War II in honour of Old Xaverians who gave their life fighting for our country) to special-event forums.

Foremost in the engagement with Old Xaverians is the understanding that different things appeal to different people, and we are a broad community. Our communities are made up of alumni who are in all parts of the world and in professions ranging from arts and film, banking and finance, tech, law, medicine and allied health, social justice, property, food and wine, farming, the military and many more. Old Xaverians’ desire to connect with others from the school community in similar professional areas is clearly evident.

Our alumni also have a huge array of interests that they love to share such as beekeeping, drones, beer and wine tasting, all sports and humanitarian pursuits.

Over the past three years, the OXA and Xavier College have engaged in many inspiring business network and careers panel events, both face-to-face and online. Each event has had a panel of approximately six members of the Xavier College community who share their journey from Xavier to now and provide insights into their chosen careers and a generous dose of dos and don’ts along the way.

To date, we have held sessions on the building and construction industry, engineering, finance, health, real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, beekeeping, drone flying, the business of beer, the AFL and all forms of racing. The events are attended by Old Boys in the workforce and current students at Xavier College.

The generosity of Old Xavs to come back and share their experiences with young Old Boys and current students is truly humbling and the feedback received from the participants is always one of true gratitude and inspiration.

The network opportunities at Xavier College and within the Old Xavs community are second to none and we encourage all members of the Xavier community to join in and engage.

The Old Xaverians Association also has five sporting club affiliates promoting the ongoing pursuit of sport in a fun and collegiate environment.

An emerging means of engagement with alumni is that of digital communication, and the Old Xaverians’ Association has a website, produces regular e-newsletters and has a strong presence on all social media platforms, thus providing us with the ability to share the stories of our alumni and the college to the network across the world.



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