Students in backyard sleepout for Rough Edges Cafe

Year 11 and 12 students ‘slept rough’ in their own backyards on Friday, October 30 as part of a massive fundraising effort to support Sydney’s marginalised and vulnerable community.

More than 50 St Andrew’s students are raising money for Rough Edges Café, a drop-in centre in Darlinghurst which provides much-needed food and community to people experiencing homelessness in Sydney – and they’ve already raised more than $28,000 for the organisation.

Students slept with a sleeping bag and limited shelter in groups in backyards across Sydney, gaining a small insight into some of the trials experienced by more than 800 people in the City of Sydney alone.

Coronavirus restrictions mean they can’t sleep outside at St John’s Church as they normally would, but the students will joined a Zoom call with Rough Edges organisers to hear from people who have experienced homelessness and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live without safe and affordable housing.

“It’s been a particularly hard year for people to sleep rough and find work,” says 2021 Year 12 student Grace Granger, who will participated in her fourth sleep-out with Rough Edges this week.

“It’s definitely be a bit of a reality check, and a reminder of how privileged we are,” she says.
“The fact that we can even sleep in backyards and be safe and secure is testament to that,” adds 2021 Year 12 student Zara Lea.

The students say they were motivated to participate in the sleep-out because of their experiences of school in the city.

“We spend hours in the city and we’re around people who are homeless every day, sleeping rough,” says Zara. “This is a way to be useful and help them in their situation.”

It’s set to rain over Sydney on the night of the sleep-out, but The students remain determined and united in their message.

“We come from a place of real privilege,” says 2021 Year 12 student Olivia Vouris. “And we want to help as much as we can. So please donate!”


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