St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleepout at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

caroline chisholm catholic college


On Friday 16 August, 20 students turned up to school at 6pm to participate in the annual Vinnies Winter Sleepout. The night started with an Amazing Race, where five fantastic groups raced around the college to solve clues disguised in Morse code and other weird forms of coding. Each station had a different social justice message that students had to solve as a team.

caroline chisholm sleep out

In the final stage, the groups came up with a recipe for dinner in order to compete in the first ever Vinnies Masterchef challenge. The students were required to have the recipes approved by the two Food Technology teachers – Ms Rose Bengasino and Mr Joseph Pham.

caroline chisholm masterchef challenge

Having to rely on donated goods, the disadvantaged in the community often do not have the luxury of being able to cook whatever they want. This Masterchef challenge helped everyone experience a bit of this. Although Mr Pham judged the teams, he believed the teachers cooked the best meal with the available ingredients. Many believed there was a bit of bias involved!

caroline chisholm catholic college vinnies

After eating the (cold) meals, the group went to the Senior Study Centre and watched an incredible clip that Mr Pham had made to record his journey of eating like a refugee for one week. The group is grateful to Mr Pham for sharing the video and for reminding the students just how fortunate they are.

Students watched a movie before bed and then got ready for sleep. Although the area was carpeted, the students quickly experienced the coldness of the night once all heating was automatically shut off, and the outside temperature dropped below three degrees Celsius. For most of the group, it was only one night where they experienced a different, uncomfortable type of sleeping arrangement. The following morning, a simple breakfast was provided and the group headed home shortly afterwards.

Caroline Chisholm would like to say a huge thank you to all the students who got involved and all the staff members for accompanying the students for this year’s winter sleepout – Ms Bengasino, Ms Giang, Ms Guzzardi, Mr Liistro, Mr Marchesan, Mr Pham and Mr Price.


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