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Oxley Christian College is committed to education that is embedded in the Christian faith. The college believes that a Christian education shapes us and the ways in which we will go on to influence others, and also prepares us well for any version of the future.

The college’s aim is to prepare capable, confident and articulate students with the skills, wisdom and maturity to live in the present moment while shaping the future for the common good of humanity. Embedded in the essential outcomes of a Christian education is the development of Christian character and 21st century skills training.

In offering a complete educational experience – from Early Learning to Year 12 – the college fosters a sense of community, security and belonging, where interaction between all year levels is encouraged as an important aspect of social development.

Among the college’s discretionary scholarships, it is pleased to offer a range of academic scholarships. Scholarship recipients must be able to demonstrate strengths in a range of academic areas and a commitment to contribute fully to the life of the school while supporting its Christian ethos.

Oxley academic scholarships will provide part or full remission of tuition fees for the term of the scholarship and are subject to annual review. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of results in the scholarship testing program, performance in current school reports, NAPLAN tests and a student interview.

Applications for scholarships 2021 are open from Friday 15 November 2019. Enrolments are also being taken for all year levels in 2021. The college warmly invites you to attend one of the School at Work Information Mornings where you will be able to tour the beautiful school grounds and hear about exciting plans for the future.

To register for an upcoming Information Morning or to find out more about scholarships, visit www.oxley.vic.edu.au


Oxley Christian College is committed to excellence in all aspects of school life. Our team of dedicated and passionate teachers […]

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