Melbourne Girls Grammar’s Artemis Centre


Opening in 2017, the Artemis Centre will embody Melbourne Girls Grammar’s commitment to the wellbeing of its students and is the biggest infrastructure project embarked on in the history of the school.

This world-class wellbeing facility is a positive and purpose-built facility, enabling girls to access a depth of varied and diverse wellbeing program opportunities. It will include a 25m swimming pool, basketball and netball courts, yoga and fitness studios, as well as learning, study and consultation spaces.

Wellbeing is central to the school’s experience as staff believe an exceptional education for life not only develops academic skills and attributes, but emotional and physical wellbeing as well. With an established wellbeing team for every year level, Melbourne Girls Grammar focuses on the holistic importance of the social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of its girls as they understand that when the girls feel well and in control of the many aspects of their lives, they confront obstacles and challenges with confidence and a belief in their capacity to solve problems.

To achieve this vision, the girls will be taught how to monitor and track their wellbeing — an approach that will positively inform their adult years. The Melbourne Girls Grammar Wellbeing Index is an innovation that provides an evidence base so that staff can know that the girls are flourishing and so that they can develop a mindset for actively managing their wellbeing. The Artemis Centre will be critical to hosting the many wellbeing activities that will flow from a student-centred approach to understanding and proactively responding to their wellbeing.

“We have designed what we think is the first gendered wellbeing centre,” says principal Ms Catherine Misson. “We recruited a team of female architects to design the building for girls. The spaces and its features, such as ‘me zones’, have been designed in response to how we know girls like to live and learn together. We want every girl to feel confident in an environment in which she can be physically active, socially connected and focused on independently thriving no matter the context or the challenge.”

When the doors open on the new community hub in mid-2017, a new era in education will begin.


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