Korowa’s dedicated middle years’ program

Korowa’s dedicated middle years’ program

The middle years are a critical growth period and a time of considerable change for young women. The new Cripps Program at Korowa Anglican Girls’ School has been designed to help girls navigate the challenges of transitioning from childhood to adolescence.

Over the three years of the Cripps Program, girls develop strong support structures through age-appropriate personal development education, daily advisory group meetings, a Head of each year level and staff who are committed to helping each girl become self-disciplined, self-aware and collaborative thinkers. The dedicated Cripps Centre is situated at the front of the school in Glen Iris. It provides space for girls to feel comfortable, be leaders of the Cripps Centre and interact with peers in social and academic settings. Student cinema nights, parent functions and service and wellbeing ‘Cripps Community Days’ complement the academic program.

At every year level in the Cripps Centre, girls encounter new experiences and take learning outside the classroom. Each year, Cripps girls travel outside Korowa to regional Victoria, Canberra and even the USA on camps and study trips. The HASSE Space School in the USA is a real highlight for Year 7 and 8 students who experience what it’s like to be an astronaut and see science in action at NASA and the Space and Rocket Museum.

Whether it’s science, sport or coding, Cripps girls are encouraged to investigate their interests and explore their skills. The dynamic curriculum encourages girls to learn without limits and to try something new.

Real-world skills are a particular focus of the Cripps curriculum. New subjects, including Technology and Enterprise, enable girls to develop new ideas, test them out and foster a sense of ‘anything is possible’. Through establishing and marketing a business, girls experience both the challenges and joys of entrepreneurship. Outside the curriculum, inter-year level House competitions, a play or musical and inter-school sport give girls many opportunities to be part of a team, take on leadership roles and challenge themselves.

In a world that changes very rapidly, Korowa prepares girls to be confident, capable young women who can take on anything. Korowa encourages girls to learn without limits.


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