Kambala puts student welfare in the spotlight

In the last week of July Kambala hosted the inaugural ‘Feel Well, Be Well’ Wellness Week.

The week is an initiative by School Psychologist, Dr Jasmine Green, in collaboration with Kambala’s Wellbeing Committee and the Student Representative Council. It aims to encourage psychological wellbeing and connectedness whilst raising funds for Lifeline’s vital lifesaving services.

With a program boasting themed days such as ‘Mindful Monday’ and ‘Thoughtful Thursday’, students are encouraged to interact across the campuses at peer-led lunchtime activities.
Echoing current statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Dr Green highlighted the relevance of initiatives to promote wellbeing in schools.

She said, “One in four young Australians aged 16 to 24 will experience a mental illness. In my job I see these statistics become real. Psychological wellbeing is extremely relevant in schools and it is therefore important that we do what we can to increase the awareness around the topic.”

She added, “Wellbeing initiatives are most effective when they are in line with school values and when they are promoted and supported by key people in students’ lives. The Wellness Week takes a wholeschool approach to encouraging school connectedness and belonging. We want to actualise Kambala’s strategic vision of bringing the school together.”

As Lifeline celebrates its Stress Down Day across the nation on Friday 24 July, Kambala wraps up the Wellness Week with ‘Fun and Friendly Friday’. Dr Green explains that the intention of running the Wellness Week concurrently with the Stress Down Day campaign is to align the two initiatives. She said, “Stress is an increasingly common theme amongst students. Promoting wellness is about taking a holistic approach to managing the issues, which prevail in schools. During the Wellness Week we will bring attention to social, physical and emotional factors, which influence wellbeing including stress.”

Student wellbeing is in focus in 2015 at Kambala as two other inaugural initiatives are implemented. The Peer Support Program; a peer-led, evidence based support program; will be launched in the Junior School during the Wellness Week. During this week, Year 8 students will also commence The Rite Journey which is a year-long program designed to support the development of girls as they transition into adulthood.


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