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Benefactor’s Scholarships and Bursaries. Year 7 and Year 9 students seeking to enrol in 2021.

An exciting opportunity awaits for boys and girls to join the thriving regional college of all-round excellence in Bathurst, NSW.

A new development program generously funded by the College Foundation now makes it more accessible and affordable for local students from Bathurst and surrounding areas to access a quality Scots All Saints College education.

Applications are now open for Benefactors’ Scholarships and Bursaries with financial support for tuition fees for the time of the student at the college.

New students seeking to enrol at Scots All Saints in 2021 in Years 7 and 9 who can demonstrate their commitment to pursuing excellence in all endeavours are invited to apply now.

Student Quotes:

  1. What has it meant to you and your family to receive a scholarship award?

My schooling career has played a significant role in my life. I am very glad that my parents enrolled me 14 years ago from Pre-Kindergarten and encouraged me to apply for a scholarship in Year 6 for Year 7 to Year 12. Receiving a scholarship has meant so much to my family and myself. Aimed at supporting hardworking, talented and motivated students who have achieved success due to their diligence, a scholarship at Scots All Saints acknowledges your abilities and supports you throughout your schooling career. Knowing that I can still attend such a wonderful, supportive school like Scots All Saints, due to receiving the financial backing of reduced tuition fees through the scholarship program that recognises my talents and abilities, is something my family and I are incredibly grateful for.

  1. How has it helped your family?

The knowledge that we gain throughout our time at school is fundamental; it sets us up for life by laying a solid foundation while we learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Brick by brick, year after year, my character, my goals and my outlook on life were formed. The solid learning foundation that SASC has given me has prepared me for life beyond school. To me, Scots All Saints College, Bathurst will be unforgettable because I did not ‘just study’, I gained knowledge from the best teachers as well as making friends and involving myself in sport, the arts and the community.

Having a scholarship has allowed me to engage in my community at a number of levels.  It has also opened up many opportunities – I have been involved in the community through the Bathurst Regional Youth Council as the Deputy Mayor as well as being the Youth Citizen for Bathurst for 2020. I have also received five early-entry university offers so far with my preferred degrees, which is definitely something that helps ease the pressure of the upcoming HSC exams.

  1. What advice would you give to other local children who are wanting to attend this school and apply for a scholarship?

For prospective students who are thinking about applying for any SASC scholarship, believe in yourself and have faith in your talents and abilities, and apply! Scots All Saints is a supportive community that will guide and encourage you throughout all your endeavours.

See the website for details or contact the Registrar on 6333 3911 


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