Hills Grammar’s ‘Originals’ HSC Success

Hills Grammar congratulates the Class of 2019 on their outstanding HSC results. Of these results the school received 80 Band 6 results, with 33 students (44 per cent of the cohort) listed as Distinguished Achievers. With such astounding results, the school has improved its ranking in the Top 100, and now sit at 84.

The comprehensive nature of their achievements is illustrated by Hills Grammar attaining above the state average in 30 of their 34 HSC courses and achieving 67 per cent of results in the Band 5 and 6 range (80 per cent and above) with Band 6 results in 27 HSC courses.

Over the last five years, there’s been a notable increase in Hills Grammar students taking on extension courses. With 60 per cent of the Class of 2019 completing at least one challenging extension course. Geoff Gates, Director of Learning and Teaching, states “that is a sure sign of academic ambition and the pursuit of greater opportunity.”

Felicity Chan achieved the school’s top ATAR of 99.2. She was shortlisted for Music Encore and was recognised as a distinguished achiever in five of her subjects.

Cali Doyle (dux of the school), and Claire Shi were acknowledged for being “HSC All Rounders” – achieving Band 6 results in at least five subjects. Cali completed 13 units, far in excess of minimal requirements, and was a distinguished achiever in all eight subjects. Claire was a distinguished achiever in five of her six subjects.

While the Hills Grammar community is incredibly proud of the Class of 2019, Mr Gates reminds the students that they are more than their ATAR. “Whatever their results we are proud of all our students. A Hills Grammar education is broader than an ATAR, and there are many paths and definitions of success.” he says.

With the new school year, Hills Grammar is looking forward to an extraordinary 2020, beginning with the Open Day on March 27. The school hopes the Open Day will provide insight into how they encourage young people to find and develop their individual passions and original path.



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