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Keeley Marx

In July 2022, 18-year-old Yarra Valley Grammar Year 12 student Keeley Marx won a major golf championship, the IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships International, in San Diego, where she competed for Australia. The tournament is open to golfers five to 18 years old, and Keeley Marx played in the 15-18 girls’ division. It was the first time she had played overseas since COVID-19 lockdowns.

How long have you been at Yarra Valley Grammar?
I’ve been there since Year 3. It’s been amazing having the support in anything I pursue — schooling, golf, Saturday sport or community work — the school is always 110 per cent on board. I’ll be sad to leave! Both my brothers also attended the school — Cody graduated in 2017, having been there since Year 6, and Shaye graduated in 2019, having started at Yarra in Year 7.

Tell us about your golfing experience — how long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing since I was seven or eight years old, and playing events since age 11. I don’t come from a golfing family, but now my brothers and I all play golf.

What have been your biggest achievements in golf?
In June 2022, I also co-captained the Victorian women’s state team at the Golf Australia Interstate Series in Sorrento, and we won!

How do you juggle golf and your studies?
It’s extremely hard but that’s why I was so grateful to be at YVG with their support, they were always very lenient because they knew the world and hours I put into my sport. Being open with the school and with them being so supportive makes it so much easier.

How did you manage during COVID-19?
I practised in the backyard with a golf net, putted on the carpet and worked out in the gym at home. It was very hard but I focused on my studies. It was extremely hard to get through, but I did what I could at home with my set up. In December 2021 I got back into events, and in the summer holidays I played an event every day to make up for what I missed.

Do you have a motto for success at school and in golf?
Recently I’ve come across a saying I like — “handle hard better!” It helps me in both studies and golf — I relate that to everything.

What are your plans after VCE?
I’m going to college in 2023 — to Iowa State University, where I received a full scholarship. I’m keeping my options open regarding study.

How do you think you will go leaving your family?
It will be hard because we get along very well — my brothers are my best friends. I get along with parents very well also, but we all know it’s the best opportunity and it’s a sacrifice, but will be for the best.

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Keeley Marx



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