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At Loreto Normanhurst, relationships and learning are of equal importance. The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM) is an award-winning model of education which develops students holistically in the areas of Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular (FACE curriculum).  A Loreto Normanhurst education assists students to be young women who are passionate about learning, compassionate to others and have a strong sense of faith and social direction that underpins their values to achieve their personal best and guides their decision making. The school aims to encourage students to be lifelong learners who are curious and critical thinkers with a broad vision for the future.

An immersion experience unique to Loreto Normanhurst is the Far North Queensland experience, which involves the entire cohort of Year 9 students and staff travelling to Far North Queensland to engage with Indigenous communities, perform community service and experience learning outside the traditional classroom. Students love the opportunity to do science on the Great Barrier Reef, learn history at Rocky Creek on the Atherton Tablelands and write poetry on the bluff at Undara. These experiences deepen the impact of their learning, and they carry this with them for a lifetime.

Year 9 student, Clare Stevenson, says she found the experience provided her with insight into the different environments, traditions and cultures of Indigenous Australian communities. “I was able to talk to elders, walk on sacred sites, see Aboriginal artworks and learn how to use handmade traditional spears. The experience was very eye-opening and we gained so much knowledge about Aboriginal Peoples and the culture that makes Australia so unique. I feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to experience this learning of culture in an enjoyable and ‘hands-on’ way.”

The Far North Queensland Experience is a much-anticipated and life-changing experience for the students and staff who attend each year. Year 9 students have a wonderful time exploring learning outdoors in a very different context to the everyday, where they can grow as a whole person.

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