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Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) is a virtual interactive classroom which forms part of the John Monash Science School (JMSS) outreach program. It provides a unique opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students to study contemporary STEM subjects, regardless of their geographic location.

Broadcast from a purpose-built studio on the campus of JMSS, Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) makes it possible for the next generation of students in Victoria to access specialised STEM subjects through a live, interactive virtual classroom.

The program offers a range of subjects, such as “Our Dynamic Earth”, “Nanotechnology”, “Bioinformatics” and “Nature & Beauty of Mathematics” which have been developed in collaboration with Monash University. Students are introduced to these amazing STEM subjects by JMSS teachers and Monash University experts. Students participate in two 50 minute sessions over a period of 15 weeks, during which they participate in class discussions, work towards group assessment tasks and group projects. Upon completion, students receive a final report and certificate. ESV offers a number of different courses each semester, with new subjects and topics added regularly.

Each course is delivered live to the student’s laptop. Being able to reach students with a special passion for mathematics, science or technology from any part of the state is priceless. The JMSS broadcast allows students to connect to both their teaching staff and each other, creating an environment where participants can discuss ideas, ask questions, share in experiments, share files and receive feedback, all in real-time.

The ESV team includes teaching, learning and educational support from JMSS, researchers and academics from Monash University and expert speakers from industry- all collaborating to deliver an interesting and inspiring educational experience for students across Victoria.

The beauty of the virtual classroom is that everyone is welcome, and to share your joint passion for these subjects with others is a very unique and exciting experience.

“The ESV was an amazing experience and a massive change from our usual time table, John Monash has some fantastic facilities and even nicer people to go along with it. I signed up for this experience originally to venture more into the field of science, and came back with more than i could have hoped for”, says Riley Collis, Year 10 student at Echuca college.


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