Emerging Sciences Victoria ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN!

John Monash Science School has just finished their three day long science fair. They are pleased to release our Semester One timetable for 2020!
Have a look over the timetable carefully as times and subjects have changed.


Have you ever wondered how medical diagnostic equipment works? Why an MRI is preferred over an X-ray in the diagnosis of knee injuries? Or why  pregnant women are advised against having X-rays?
These are some of the questions that are explored in our new Medical Physics course. For more information click here: Medical Physics

Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) has recently received funding from the Department of Education Victoria, to help us to continue to deliver high-quality and interesting STEM related subjects virtually to all Victorian schools as part of the recently announced Rural and Regional Education Reform package.

As a part of this, DET will now subsidise the cost for students from government schools in Victoria. Please see the revised pricing schedule below:

Victorian Government Schools
$25 non-refundable administration fee

Non-Government Schools
$300 per subject per student (+$25 non-refundable administration fee)

DATES for 2020 are as follows:-
Monday 17 February, 2020  – Friday 12 June, 2020

Register for your schools – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4AFctEC1jYRWwVFvsfDbxww8agkPjXHvnwa3LUJBnhdmwZA/viewform


Victoria’s first specialist senior secondary school for science, mathematics and associated technologies, JMSS was formed in 2010 as the result […]

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