ELTHAM College is looking to the stars


This Early Learning-to-VCE co-educational independent school is taking its future-focused commitment to its students seriously.

Throughout history, humankind has been drawn to look up to the stars and wonder why. Celebrated in literature, song and art, the beautiful and terrifying immenseness that is space has captivated scientists, farmers, philosophers and accountants alike.

ELTHAM College committed to an Observatory in the early 1980s, with teaching staff regularly conducting ‘star nights’ at the school. Unfortunately, the Observatory was significantly damaged in the 2011 December storms and the repairs that were undertaken were not successful. With the decision to redevelop the College Observatory made in 2018, the college is now well poised to further embrace the marvellous opportunities that looking upwards affords. From Chemistry to Physics, Mathematics to Poetry, the learning experiences are both rich and varied.

Construction work on the building commenced over the 2018 summer break, with work also scheduled to upgrade facilities such as the Library Auditorium to support further learning in this area. While the building will be reimagined, the college will also embrace advancements in telescope technology. To this end, the college plans to install a research-grade fully automated 17-inch telescope with the support of its community.

There is currently unprecedented interest and enthusiasm for astronomical endeavour, with the creation of an Australian Space Agency in June 2018 and ongoing focus on STEAM education. ELTHAM College looks forward to seeing how this aspirational undertaking will help its young people access these amazing opportunities.

About the telescope
The advancement in technology that has occurred since the early 1980s is such that telescopes can be accessed remotely, and programmed ahead of time. Images and data can then be analysed and viewed at a later time. While we still plan to be able to physically put our eye to a lens, this technology provides far more flexibility and accessibility for students.

Australia has for a long time played a significant role in multiple fields of astronomy research and our graduates are sought after worldwide. What an amazing time it is to be a budding astronomer in this country – and especially if you are a student at ELTHAM College.

You can find out more about ELTHAM College by attending a school tour. Go to https://elthamcollege.vic.edu.au/enrolment/school-tours/



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