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Founded in 1901, Brigidine College Randwick prepares young girls for strong and independent leadership roles in an increasingly complex post-secondary environment. It is a college that applies rigour to education — in each classroom, in each day and for each student. It champions 21st-century education skills and creates an environment where students can think critically, have the opportunity to be creative, and enabled in the practical skill sets of collaboration and communication. Through the application of a growth mindset approach to education, Brigidine College unlocks the potential in each student, empowering them to realise their aspirations. It is a college that promotes excellence in both academic and artistic performance, in a nurturing and caring environment.

Students at Brigidine College excel in who they are and carry with them a confidence to not only be successful, but to create significance through their lives. Completing Year 12 at Brigidine College is more than a graduation; it is a commencement of each girl’s pathway in life and confirmation of
who they are as strong, capable and courageous individuals.

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As a proud Catholic school, the college is built on the Charism of St Brigid. The staff and students of Brigidine College are called to remember, and be witness to, St Brigid’s remarkable concern for the poor and the oppressed, her patience, humility, joy, steadfast faith and her willingness to serve others. They are called to live out the pillars of Brigid; being people of courage, compassion, hospitality, hope and justice.

The college stands today on the original land purchased in 1901. Moreton Bay fig trees, which were set out in the 1860s Aeolia Estate gardens, still flourish in the school grounds and are listed with the National Trust. School buildings that date from 1901 create an historic precinct. Within these historic buildings, Brigidine College has specialist rooms to cater for a wide variety of subjects.

Welcome to past, present and future Brigidine girls. May your love of learning and of life guide you as you grow in strength and gentleness.


Founded in 1901 by the Brigidine Sisters, this school aims to develop well-rounded individuals through academic, cultural and sporting pursuits […]

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