A message from Firbank Grammar’s Principal

At Firbank Grammar School we have always believed in the importance of experiential education. Earlier this month, we had that belief not only reaffirmed but also received confirmation that we do it better than other schools in the country.

The Australian Education Awards were held in Sydney on Friday, 12 August. Firbank Grammar School was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Co-Curricular Program’ award for our Experiential Education Program (Service, Environmental, Outdoor).

We were thrilled to be nominated for this prestigious award (for the second year in a row), recognised on the national stage with seven other brilliant schools across Australia and then announced as the winner. We were delighted to see our outstanding program acknowledged on such an important night for Australian education.

The program, led by our Director of Experiential Education, Bernie Mills better prepares students for life outside of the classroom.

From the peaks of Mt Kosciuszko to the beaches of Marlo, to journeying throughout the beautiful deserts of the Northern Territory, our students enjoy various experiences across their and learning to appreciate all it offers, including years at Firbank, building a connection to nature’s fundamental life lessons.

A Firbank education is about more than achieving goals – it’s about what you become when you reach them and how they shape you as a person. We provide life-changing experiences that build resilience and form friendships. This begins as soon as our students arrive at the Senior School in Year 7, with the Discovery Camp that helps each new cohort of students bond and gain independent skills, all while having a great time and settling into Senior School.

As students continue along their Firbank learning journey, they will annually have fantastic opportunities for experiential education, including the Journey Expedition in Year 9, the Desert Program in Year 10, the Year 11 Summit to Sea and more.

The Firbank motto – ‘vincit qui se vincit’ (one conquers, who conquers oneself) – inspires our experiential education approach, as we offer our students a breadth of unique experiences, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to conquer themselves, their education and life.

Although we have won the ‘Best Co-Curricular Program’ award in 2022, we know that we cannot simply rest on our laurels. We must continue to explore, refine and adapt our programs to stay relevant and exciting. By ensuring that our experiential education experiences offer students the right opportunities for social and personal development, and by tailoring these experiences to each student, we allow them
to learn about the world and follow their passions – or perhaps even discover new ones.

Our Experiential Education Program does wonders for our students in more ways than we could possibly count, and we are thrilled to have won such a highly regarded award to reflect this. Congratulations to Bernie Mills and the team for winning the Best Co-Curricular Program award – we couldn’t be prouder.


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