A home away from home

Assumption College’s new boarding structure offers boarders an experience more akin to family life 

The new boarding houses
Boarding at Assumption College Kilmore, which caters for boys and girls from regional Australia, has come into the 21st century with dormitories replaced by three brand-new boarding houses. They were officially opened and blessed in March 2014. Each house has a kitchen, dining area and recreation room. There is also wireless internet access. Two apartments, for a head-of-house and assistant-head-of-house, book-end each house so that staff, their partners and children are part of boarding life, contributing to the family spirit in the boarding community.
Each house accommodates 24 students. Senior students have their own rooms and juniors are in either two-bed or four-bed rooms. The rooms are bright, warm and comfortable and provide each student with a desk, king-single bed, wardrobe and storage area. Boarders are encouraged to make their spaces their own by pinning up posters and bringing knick-knacks
from home.

Meeting boarders’ spiritual, academic and other needs
As a Catholic school, Assumption College Kilmore has a responsibility to help meet the spiritual needs of its boarders. There is regular prayer in the houses, a Friday night reflection in the chapel and celebration of Sunday Mass.

Supervised study is an integral part of boarding life, and the professional boarding staff ensure that the two to three hours of study each week night is used effectively. Boarding staff work alongside in-house tutors during study and teachers are available for after-school tuition.
Boarders’ healthcare needs are well catered for. There is an excellent local hospital, a doctor visits each weekday morning and a nurse is on duty from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Counsellors are available and the College also has access to a clinical psychologist.
Long gone are the days of unpalatable boarding food. Dedicated chefs prepare nutritious, well-balanced and plentiful meals using fresh ingredients, and there are vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Boarders are encouraged to actively participate in the extensive cultural and sporting co-curricular programs and regular social activities.

Partnership with parents
Education is a partnership between parents and the College, so regular contact between parents and supervisors is encouraged. The College is committed to creating a family atmosphere within their boarding houses where all are welcome, and where the faculty strive to engender in their students a sense of belonging so they feel secure and cared for.
Boarders have been calling Assumption College Kilmore their home away from home since the start of the 20th century. The College hopes to continue the tradition for many years to come.

Key facts
Boarding placements: 72
Availability: Years 7 to 12
Boarding fees (including tuition):
Years 7 and 8: $27,908 per annum (includes GST on food)
Years 9 and 10: $28,268 per annum (includes GST on food)
Years 11 and 12: $28,997 per annum (includes GST on food)
Sibling discounts and bursaries are available
Total enrolment: 1206 students



Assumption College Kilmore has been educating students in the Marist tradition since 1893. Within an hour’s drive of Melbourne, the town […]

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