A Home Away From Home: Boarding at The McDonald College

Boarding at The McDonald College

The McDonald College Boarding House offers a unique and nurturing environment for young performers and athletes. We spoke with Rebecca Rogers, Head of Boarding, to learn more about the program’s benefits and the special role she plays in shaping students’ lives.

What sets The McDonald College Boarding House apart?

Rebecca: Our size! With only 45 students, we create a close-knit, family atmosphere. We pride ourselves on kindness, tolerance, and mutual support among boarders, with both female and male supervisors serving as positive role models. Additionally, our co-ed environment fosters strong friendships and a positive social experience.


How does boarding life prepare students for the future?

Rebecca: Beyond artistic and athletic development, boarders learn valuable life skills. Tolerance and respect for differences are crucial in close quarters. Students also develop independence, time management, and practical skills like laundry and basic sewing. Many of our graduates, particularly those pursuing ballet careers in England, credit their boarding experience for preparing them for life beyond school.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

Rebecca: It’s a privilege to witness students’ growth and support them through ups and downs. Celebrating their achievements, whether in academics, performance arts, or athletics, is a joy. Knowing I play a role in shaping their lives is incredibly fulfilling. Building strong relationships with parents and fostering a collaborative environment is another highlight.


What are the biggest challenges?

Rebecca: Sharing students’ hardships, like the loss of a pet or family member, and supporting them through mental health challenges are difficult. While our size allows for personalised attention, it’s still a responsibility to care for many individual needs. Luckily, I have an amazing team of supervisors who offer invaluable support.

Rebecca’s dedication and empathy are evident. Under her leadership, The McDonald College Boarding House goes beyond a place to stay; it’s a supportive and nurturing home away from home.

To find out more about Boarding options at The McDonald College, visit https://www.mcdonald.nsw.edu.au/boarding



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