6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals

6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals. desks at school.

Independent schools offer a vast range of opportunities enabling students to become well-rounded individuals. The variety of features allow students to consider many perspectives.

Well-rounded students have many abilities, or a personality with many aspects.

Being a well-rounded individual is important for students moving into their future including university, college and job applications.

6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals

1. Wide range of talents for students to try

A focal point of independent schools is the wide variety of choice.

Independent schools have a range of unique specialty subjects and sports to choose from.

This allows students to try out different things whilst in high school to discover any hidden talents or learn more about themselves. Also, students are able to try multiple things at once.

For example, your child may wish to pursue equestrian and engineering. At independent schools, they will have the opportunity to experience both things within the school from a young age – depending on the school you choose.

Learn more about different specialties available for your child when choosing a school in Victoria, or Choosing a school in NSW.

2. Vast range of extracurricular activities

Similarly, independent schools have a large range of extracurricular activities for students to try. Extracurricular activities in independent schools allow your child to try many interests at no excess cost.

Extracurricular activities in independent schools will help your child build self-confidence as they can focus on their strengths and interests. They add value to your child’s education allowing them to learn skills and take risks that cannot be learnt from a textbook.

Extracurricular activities allow your child to be exposed to a diverse range of people and relationships.

3. School values

Independent schools adhere strictly to their set school values.

Children in independent schools are taught to learn and grow in a set of values. Learning about school values may expose children to a different perspective.

For example, students attending a Christian School may learn about the Christian faith more deeply than at home.

Students who attend a Jesuit Catholic School may be involved in social justice programs and thus gain a deep perspective on Indigenous peoples or refugees.

Being exposed to a variety of lifestyles allows students at independent schools to develop into well-rounded individuals.

4. Community engagement

Getting involved with the community through school allows your child to experience a range of personalities and scenarios in the community.
Independent schools have many opportunities for students to get involved with the community.

This may include:

  • Volunteering at community events;
  • Attending/joining extracurricular activities such as team sports, clubs and committees;
  • Participating at school; or
  • Networking.

Community engagement at independent schools allows your child to become a well-rounded individual. They will gain authentic skills, social skills, leadership opportunities and other skills for their future.

5. Access to resources

Independent schools have many resources including libraries and digital resources for students to access.

Access to a range of different resources allows students to complete thorough research and learn more about the world around them.

6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals. 6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals. library at school.

Resource spaces like the library also allow students to take part in a large variety of activities to develop more skills and experience.

See here to read more about how students at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney used their library.

6. Choice from a young age

Independent schools allow students to make conscious choices about their future from a young age.

For example, many independent schools offer International Baccalaureate (IB).

Students can weigh-up and make a conscious choice as to whether they would like to undergo the IB or the HSC.

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