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Beaumaris Secondary School

Credit: Beaumaris Secondary School, Victoria


There are many options when it comes to choosing a school for your child. Schools vary in size, facilities, location, subject options and other factors.

Choosing a school in Victoria can be overwhelming.

First and foremost, a school is an educational institution, so the educational programs need to be robust and the outcomes for the student need to give them the pathways they need for wherever their interests take them.

Dr Mark Merry, Yarra Valley Grammar

Your family values and child’s interests will determine the choice you make. There are many different education options available for parents making the decision.

Choosing a school in Victoria for boys interested in Social Justice

De La Salle College

Amongst academic activities, De La Salle College has an enviable reputation for their social justice awareness and their formal social justice programs.

“Each De La Salle student is encouraged to participate in the Lasallian values of care, respect and action for those less fortunate.”

De La Salle College offers many social just initiatives including:

Mission Action Day

Mission Action Day, referred to as MAD Day by students is a 2-3 hour walkathon.

“Students regularly raise in excess of $100,000 to support our community-based immersion programs as well as a variety of other Lasallian programs run at home and abroad.”

Funds are distributed to key Lasallian mission projects in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Western Australia and other communities in need in New South Wales and Victoria.

Choosing a school in victoria. school marathon.
Credit: De La Salle College

Donate to MAD 2022.

House Charities

Each House at De La Salle supports a charity through a variety of fundraising initiatives.

  • St Austin’s House Charity — Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Centre
  • St Edwin’s House Charity — St Vincent de Paul
  • St Leo’s House Charity — Caritas
  • St Mark’s House Charity — Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Melbourne and Opening the Doors Foundation

Social Justice Charitable Donations

In Term 2, students donate winter items such as coats, jackets and blankets to the St Vincent de Paul “Vinnies Winter Appeal”.

In Term 3, students donate non-perishable food items and toiletries leading up to ‘Social Justice Mass’.

  • Year 5 – 6 students are involved in supporting St Joseph’s Outreach Food Services.
  • Year 7 – 9 students are involved in supporting Sacred Heart Mission.
  • Year 10 – 12 students are involved in supporting Malvern Emergency Food Bank.

“We challenge our students to think of others, particularly those less fortunate than us. “

Social Justice Programs and Immersions

Senior students have the opportunity to volunteer in:

  • The ‘Yaluwo’ Immersion Program to Sri Lanka
  • The Year 12 Papa New Guinea Immersion
  • Wilcannia in Outback NSW to assist the Indigenous community

There are many other Social Justice opportunities each year for Boys at De La Salle including Christmas giving trees and more.

“We prepare our students to fully participate in society with the skills for life-long learning and a foundation based on the Lasallian faith experience of value, respect and inclusiveness.”

Coeducational or single-sex: Single-sex, Boys.

Location: Malvern

Choosing a school in Victoria for children interested in ‘Fine Arts’

Yarra Valley Grammar

Yarra Valley Grammar offers a range of curriculum areas such as Art & Design, Science, Music and Design Technology and more.

Yarra Valley Grammar design building. choosing a school for your child in Victoria.

The Fine Arts curriculum at Yarra Valley Grammar is thriving with a variety of opportunities for students to pursue creative endeavours. The school recently opened a new Fine Arts facility in 2021.

“The building has a beautiful outlook and open spaces. It has been designed to be a creative hub, a place where students can be inspired by each other and it has been wonderful to see the students use the space as intended.”

Programs available for students:

  • Year 7 and 8 students are exposed to a variety of Art Design and Technology disciplines through a general ‘ADT’ subject for two lessons a week
  • From year 9 students may choose from a variety of electives including Studio Art, Visual Communication and Design and Product Design Technology in Wood and Textiles
  • Yarra Valley Grammar also offers the various disciplines at VCE level
  • Co-curricular activities such as the annual ‘Star’ portrait competition, and opportunities to respond to real-life design briefs including the annual De Bortoli Wine label Competition

Features of the building

The ground floor:

  • Design space and 2 workshops with a shared machine room

This is “often a hive of activity with students creating various products using traditional furniture making techniques as well as using new and emerging technology such as CNC and laser cutting.”

Yarra Valley Grammar arts building. choosing a school for your child in victoria.

The top floor:

  • Visual Communication & Design room
  • Digital Photography space with a light studio
  • Printmaking studio
  • Open studio for Painting and drawing
  • Large Textiles space with specialists cutting tables, sewing machines and dark room for screen-printing fabrics

Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

Location: Ringwood

Choosing a school in Victoria for boys interested in engaging with the world

Xavier College, Victoria

At Xavier College students are guided by the principles of a Jesuit education, calling for ‘critical engagement with the world’.

Students are encouraged to develop global perspectives and awareness with local, regional, national and global interests. The school also extends global awareness and mindsets to campus-based learning experiences.

The Xavier classroom is not defined by 4 walls. Students are challenged to extend their horizons and understand their place as part of the local, national and global community.

We don’t run excursions – we run ‘Expeditions’. Expeditions are deliberate, meaningful and authentic experiences designed to challenge and inspire. Our programs run along these key themes of Play (K-2), Spark (Yr 3 – 4), Grow (Yr 5 – 6), Explore (Yr 7 – 8), Community Week (Yr 9 – 10) and Frontier (Yr 9 – 12). From signature journeys in the Natural World to exploring issues in the City, Expeditions are full of discovery and adventure.

David Howard, Head of Expeditions, Xavier College

Programs available in Junior Years:

Students in the Junior Years of high school are given the opportunity to participate in a range of Expedition experiences including exploring our ‘backyard’ of the Yarra Bend National Park and further afield to Rubicon Valley, Lake Eildon, Dunghala/Murray River, Gariwerd/Grampians National Park and much more!

Choosing a school in victoria. school marathon.
Credit: James Grant Photography. Xavier College, Victoria

Activities: Canoeing, rock climbing, bush walking, campcraft and character building exercises.

Programs available in Senior Years:

Students in the Senior Years broaden their horizons with a large range of Expedition experiences including signature Victorian, National and International experiences. From being immersed in cultural communities at home and abroad to challenging themselves through significant landscapes around the World to engaging in their passion in performance or sporting tours. To shape the head, the heart and hands.

Recent trips:

  • Wind Ensemble tour in the UK
  • Water Polo tour in the US
  • World Challenge trip to Peru

Xavier College, Victoria is known to ‘promote a culture of internationalism, global-mindedness, collaboration and connectivity’.

Coeducational or single-sex: Single-sex, Boys.

Location: Kew

Choosing a school in Victoria for children interested in attending Middle School

The Australian Council for Educational Research has found an increasing focus in middle schooling in the last 20 years. This has been in response to student alienation and disengagement contributing to underachievement in the middle years.

Knox School and Caulfield Grammar provide a unique Middle School education. This may provide an easier transition from primary to secondary school for some children.

Knox School, Victoria

Knox School has a Middle School from Years 7-9 to support students at a pivotal time in their lives.

The school has specific Middle School teachers to understand students at a unique time in their lives.

“This means just the right amount of choice, structure, opportunities and challenges for students to develop into confident young people who will thrive at life”.

Source: https://www.knox.vic.edu.au/life-at-tks/middle-school/


The school has a Year 7 Learning Centre for young people to ‘learn, connect and collaborate as they transition into the broader school community.’

Choosing a school in victoria. The Knox School.
Credit: The Knox School

Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational.

Location: Wantirna South

Caulfield Grammar

Caulfield Grammar offers a middle school program which is currently transitioning to the principles and practices of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP).

This program is offered at the Wheelers Hill and Caulfield Campuses.


  • Dedicated ‘Learning Mentors’ for year 7 and 8 classes

The Learning Mentor is a qualified teacher who attends each core subject class daily.

The innovative practice is designed to monitor each student in the class group. This ensures each individual child has the best possible learning experience.

The Mentors provide valuable information about student progress to teachers, pastoral care staff and parents.

Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational.

Location: Campuses in Wheelers Hill, Malvern and Caulfield.

Choosing a school in Victoria for girls interested in an innovative type of learning

Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School

The educators at Camberwell Girls Grammar School are constantly reviewing the educational experience for students to equip them with knowledge and skills for their future.

The school designed ‘BY DESIGN’, a new learning framework for students. The framework supported by contemporary research and practices has been successfully piloted in Year 9 and now includes Year 7 to 10.

The school intends to expand BY DESIGN across the school, from Foundation to Year 12.

“BY DESIGN recognises the need to connect learning to the real-world experiences, and it helps students understand the ‘why’ of what they are learning as well as the ‘how’.”

Charlotte Forwood, director of Learning Design and Development

Choosing a school in victoria. camberwell girls grammar school.
Credit: Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Coeducational or single-sex: Single-sex, girls.

Location: Canterbury

Choosing a school for children interested in extra staff support

Caroline Chisolm Catholic College

Caroline Chisolm Catholic College caters for all students whether they are interested in academic, artistic or interests in trades, sports or social justice.

In particular, students are supported by staff in a range of co-curricular activities and clubs including:

  • Breakfast club
  • Homework club
  • Free after school tutoring


  • Senior Study Centre
  • Fully resourced Pathways Centre where students can visit for career advice and information
  • Differentiated Learning Centre which provides a learning space for students which require additional support

Students at Caroline Chisolm Catholic College receive strong academic results. In 2021, 95% of the students pursued tertiary education.

Coeducational or single-sex:

Years 7-9: Single-sex boys (St John’s Campus) and single-sex girls (Christ the King Campus).

Years 10-12: Coeducational (Sacred Heart Campus)

Location: Braybrook

Choosing a school in Victoria for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Alphington Grammar School

Alphington Grammar School has a variety of indoor and outdoor learning spaces for children interested in a range of areas.

choosing a school in victoria. stem in high school. stem la.
Credit: Alphington Grammar School

Notably is their modern STEM Wing opened in 2019.

Facilities the STEM Wing includes:

  • State-of-the-art Science laboratories equipped with necessary supplies and up-to-date safety equipment
  • Well-stocked preparation room
  • Chemical storage space
  • A large multi-purpose classroom
  • STEM offices
  • VCE study area
  • Conference room  available for quiet study or large group sessions
  • STEM Forum

The school also has a range of co-curricular activities for students including a STEM club.

Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

Location: Alphington

John Monash Science School

John Monash Science School is Victoria’s first specialist senior secondary school for science, mathematics and associated technologies, catering students in Years 10-12.

The school formed in 2010 as a result of a unique partnership between Monash University and the Victorian Department of Education.


  • Annual Science Fair in October
  • Partnerships with several international specialist Science schools
  • Exchanges and Science fairs with students across the globe

The curriculum allows students to explore scientific knowledge and understanding in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Geography and Computer Science.

Coeducational or single-sex:  Coeducational

Location: Clayton

Choosing a school in Victoria for children who thrive in a big campus

Eltham College

The main campus site of Eltham College sits on more than 40 hectares and provides a range of possibilities for any student.

eltham-college-observatory-feature. choosing a school in Victoria.
Credit: Eltham College


  • Performing  arts centre
  • Visual arts complex
  • Libraries
  • New sports Centre
  • Basketball Stadium and Outdoor Courts
  • Observatory
  • State-of-the-art Hospitality Training Centre
  • Science labs
  • A heated indoor pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Auditorium
  • A multipurpose hall
  • A LifeWork (Careers) Centre
  • Playing fields
  • All-weather hockey field
  • An environment reserve

The Senior School buildings are inspired by tertiary education and provide extra resources and privileges for students in Years 10-12 including a private study area and a cafe.

Eltham College has an extensive curriculum for students interested in anything from art, technology or design to sport or outdoor education.

Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

Location: Research

Choosing a school for your child can be difficult, if you wish to receive further information or learn about all the schools in Victoria please see  Choosing a School VIC 34.

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