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Networking at private schools

  Networking at private schools is a strong way for students to excel in their future career. What is ‘networking’ […]

The importance of school libraries for students

  Modern school libraries for students are more than a place to borrow books. School libraries provide a safe place […]

2022 NAIDOC Week at School

  NAIDOC Week at school celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. National NAIDOC […]

Benefits of Peer Support at school

  There are many benefits of peer support at school. Students have the opportunity to lead others, develop positive skills […]

Communicating with your child about school

  Communicating with your child about school can be difficult. As children grow into teenagers, they often become less communicative. […]

The importance of early childhood education

  Early childhood education gives children important opportunities to learn and develop. Early Childhood Education allows your child to socialise, […]

6 Tips for preparing your child for the HSC

  Preparing your child for the HSC can feel overwhelming for the whole family. With little time to go, make […]

What you need to know about the HSC trial exams

  The HSC trial exams are the last internal assessments to prepare students for the HSC. They serve as a […]

The benefits of games in education

  Games in education have been around for years. With the growth of technology, the use of games in education […]

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