Yarra Valley Grammar to open new Junior Primary Centre

yarra valley grammar school junior primary centre.

Yarra Valley Grammar continues to improve the school environment with our continuous work on building new learning facilities.

“At the beginning of next year, we will open our new Junior Primary Centre which will house our Preps to Grade 2 in a truly world class facility.”

The new facility includes nine new classrooms, breakout spaces for individuals and groups and plenty of space for students to learn and to play.

As part of this project, we are also adding to our Early Learning Centre to meet the very strong demand for places in our ELC. Next year we also hope to commence a significant new addition to our Performing Arts precinct to support the music, drama and media programs.

Considerable efforts go into the nurturing of our beautiful school environment.

The Yarra campus built on thirty hectares of learning spaces, playing fields and native forest, provides our students with a wonderful environment and lots of space to move. The new buildings are not an end in themselves.

“The purpose of our ambitious building program is to provide stimulus for our young people to excel in their studies and to enjoy the best possible environment in which to learn. A beautiful campus provides this kind of inspiration.”

Well-considered learning spaces are integral to a child’s learning.

Winston Churchill famously said, ‘We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.’ Our new facilities provide a flexible, multi-purpose space with minimal walls, where students and their teachers can work side by side.

We’ve created opportunities for different types of learning. Breakout spaces allow for group or individual study at times when it’s more beneficial to the student than sitting in rows in a classroom.

yarra valley grammar school junior centre.

While inspirational buildings are worthwhile components within a school setting, it is the new ways of learning and exceptional teachers which are key to developing skillful citizens of the future.

“Children have access to more knowledge in the palm of their hand than we had at university!”

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