WIN: 1 Year’s FREE Tutoring For Students In Years 2-12

Year's FREE Tutoring

Each month of 2021, one lucky student in Years 2-12 will win a year of expert online tutoring in Maths, English or Chemistry from one of our 1,114+ friendly and patient tutors.

As Australia’s leading personalised tutoring service, we use a customised approach to tutoring. The 12 lucky winners will learn at their own speed – moving ahead in areas they excel at whilst giving the areas they’re struggling with the focus they deserve – so they can build confidence.

The winners will be able to choose either our Private 1-to-1 tutoring program with more attention or Small Group tutoring sessions where they can learn with others.

If you end up booking a trial and/or become a Cluey customer before we draw the winners – don’t worry, you can still win the prize which will be added to your enrolment.

Enter now to be in every draw until the end of the year!

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