What is the IB Bilingual Diploma?

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With multilingual education on the rise and new career opportunities emerging many students are considering the specialised ‘IB Bilingual Diploma’.

The number of students receiving the IB Bilingual Diploma has increased significantly over the years.

What is the IB Bilingual Diploma?

The IB Bilingual Diploma is a version of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

It is a special distinction awarded to students who demonstrate their understanding of 2 languages.

The IB bilingual Diploma is received by candidates who demonstrate proficiency in two different languages.

In Australia, UAC’s participating institutions accept the IB Bilingual Diploma as an equivalent to the Year 12 qualification. However, you are not guaranteed entry into courses.

Requirements for the IB Bilingual Diploma

The IB Bilingual Diploma is achieved by select students in Australian independent schools.

To achieve an IB Bilingual Diploma students will need to:

  • Complete and receive a grade 3 or higher in language and literature studies in two languages from the DP course study (English and one other language); Or

  • Students who gain a grade 3 or higher in an individuals and societies or science subject completed AND in language and literature in a different language.

How can you use the IB Bilingual Diploma?

The IB Bilingual Diploma is useful for students seeking careers involving the international market.

Many employers seek candidates who are proficient in more than 1 language, and some roles even require this.

With an IB Bilingual Diploma students have the advantage of confidently navigating diverse and international environments.

Benefits of the IB Bilingual Diploma

  • Students become multilingual

  • Students have a strengthened intercultural awareness

  • Students can develop a global mindset

  • Candidates have sufficient knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to work in an international environment

IB Bilingual specialist schools in Sydney

Schools in Sydney specialising in the IB Bilingual Diploma include:

  • Lycée Condorcet – Bilingual French/English

  • The German International School Sydney (GISS) – Bilingual German/English

Choosing a school for your child can be difficult, if you wish to receive further information please see Choosing a School NSW 37 or Choosing a School VIC 34.


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