Sports Uniform Launch at Barker College

sports uniform launch at barker college.


Sport at Barker College brings students together as a team – united in the wearing of the School colours of red and blue. There is no greater pride than to represent your School every week on the field, on the court, in the water.

It is here that our young men and women learn to understand the importance of being there for their team; trying their best and it teaches lessons for life that are learnt nowhere else at School. Sport also provides our students with great memories of good times shared together wearing the Barker ‘red’.

Sports Uniform Launch at Barker College

Over the course of the past two years, a committee of staff and students have worked closely with prominent designer Jonathan Ward and OnTrack, a leading Australian company in custom-made sportswear, to review, refine and update Barker’s sporting and co-curricular garments.

The signature Barker ‘red’ now connects the academic uniform with the sporting and co-curricular livery to reinforce the strong Barker narrative.

The review included refining the approximately 50 different sport and co-curricular uniform items and paring this back to 28 items. As a fully coed school with students at different ages and stages, the aim is to ensure students feel comfortable in what they are wearing and to privilege the story for our 1st teams.

The final design beautifully marries together Barker’s two reds – the deeper academic red and the on field sport red. The new on field sport uniforms allow for flexibility and versatility. The jerseys and shirts are gender neutral and can be worn by girls or boys, creating an inclusive environment across all sports.

New features include reversible shirts and jerseys that can also be used for training and reduce the need to purchase additional training garments.

The Barker crest features on all garments – both All school and 1st players and we are proud to incorporate the Indigenous design on many of our 1st team garments. The introduction of the 1890 locker tag on the on field sporting garments has proven to be a popular feature with the students.

The final collection offers a classic Barker feel, but with a very contemporary expression.


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Founded in 1890, Anglican independent, day and boarding school. Barker College is a fully coed school from Pre-K to Year […]

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