School fee payments made easy for families

Financing your child’s education is becoming one of the biggest ongoing expenses parents will have to manage. ASG School Plan understands that every parent wants the best education for their child and recognises that a good education holds the key to their child’s future.

Ensuring school fees are being paid on time can be a challenge for many families. Whether it is a matter of balancing the family household budget or keeping track of when payments are due, school fees can sometimes be overlooked, resulting in late payment. Fortunately there is a simple solution — School Plan.

About School Plan 
Established in 1988, School Plan has assisted thousands of families manage the payment of school fees. An annual school fee payment service, School Plan spreads the cost of your child’s school fees out into manageable monthly or fortnightly instalments. School Plan pays the fees directly to the school’s account when due, ensuring you never miss a payment or early bird discount again.

School Plan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Scholarship Group (ASG)  — a member focussed, not-for-profit organisation. ASG helps create educational opportunities for children and deliver a wide range of products and services to families.

How does School Plan work?

  • School Plan liaises with your school to obtain the fee schedule and make all the necessary arrangements to implement the service
  • School Plan will advise you of your monthly or fortnightly instalments, including the service fee
  • School Plan pays your child’s fees directly to the school’s account when due
  • Your monthly or fortnightly instalments will be direct debited from your nominated account or credit card
  • The service fee applicable is based on the value of fees to be paid by School Plan and your choice between the standard School Plan service or the additional benefits provided by School Plan Plus.

Education positively shapes children’s lives and at School Plan we are about supporting children’s education. So when you decide to take advantage of the benefits of our service, you can rest assured that School Plan is supported by the Australian Scholarship Group.

So why not join the thousands of families who have benefited from our service and discover how School Plan can help you to manage your child’s school fee payments. Visit and download an application for School Plan Membership form today or call 1800 337 419.





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