Ruyton Girls’ School Celebrates Spirit Week

‘… I think the founder, Charlotte Anderson, would be so proud to see her Ruyton in action today, 140 years on. Recte et fideliter, upright and faithful, girls of character and integrity; that’s what the Spirit of Ruyton is all about!’

Florence Edwards, Year 11

There is something very unique about Ruyton. People feel it when they come here and visit our school; it is what they notice when they see our girls in action and it is what we experience every day. It is the very essence of Ruyton, our culture and character; it is our spirit. A spirit that commits us to supporting our girls to be their very best; to show grit and determination; to acknowledge endeavour and personal best; to be courageous; and to enjoy the experience of learning and living together. It is the spirit that binds us as we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are stronger together: we are Ruyton.

The Spirit of Ruyton is in the bricks in the buildings and the leaves on the Moreton Bay Fig. It’s in the friendly smiles from the hard-working maintenance men, the Bumblebee Choir and in our cross-country champions. But most of all, girls, it’s in all of you when you put on your Ruyton blazers and walk through those big gates to learn and laugh together and become part of Ruyton’s future.’

Ms Meagin Gidley, Ruyton staff member

Spirit Week gave us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this spirit and the proud history of our school, one of the oldest girls’ schools in Melbourne.

Staff, students, parents and alumnae shared in the experience through their involvement in the Mothers’ Day Classic, the celebratory breakfast, Founder’s Assemblies, Contemporary Concert, Historical Tours, Reunions and House Day. The Golden Girls’ Reunion on Thursday showed that we are forever young at heart as our wonderful Golden Girls connected so strongly with our Junior School girls. When the Junior School girls gathered around our proud alumnae and they all sang the school song together there were tears in many an eye.

“This school taught me that there are no limits to my ambitions. That I should strive to be the best I can be. Michelle Obama said …, ’There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.’ This was the belief instilled in me by my then teachers and now colleagues.”

Miss Camille Hudson, Ruyton staff member

This year also saw the introduction of the Volunteer Awards to recognise individuals who have contributed significantly to the life of Ruyton through both their volunteer work and actively living the values of Ruyton. Recipients of the award have volunteered over a sustained period of time at Ruyton.

I honestly believe that Florence is correct. Mrs Charlotte Anderson, a woman of great courage and determination, would be thrilled to see the vibrancy of her school today, particularly our girls. And I have a sneaking suspicion that as Cheers Cup came to a triumphant end on Friday afternoon with the proud chants of Anderson, Bromby, Daniel and Lascelles girls, the Moreton Bay Fig, protector of all at Ruyton had a secret smile and chuckle, then extended its long branches a little further around the Ruyton community to envelope us all in a wonderful grandmotherly hug.

Recte et Fideliter The Spirit of Ruyton

Ms Linda Douglas, principal

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