Ruyton Girls’ School Celebrates 140 years of opportunities for girls


Founded in 1878 with a vision for sound scholarship, opportunity and challenge for girls, this belief is still at the heart of all we do today at Ruyton. We foster the individuality of each girl in a caring and safe environment, nurturing her intellectual, physical, social and emotional qualities essential to flourish. We inspire our girls to be bold and to live lives of impact and purpose.

Ruyton is widely recognised as a high performing school. In a rapidly changing world where educators globally are developing new strategies and new metrics, it is important to think deeply about how we define student success.

At Ruyton success is more than purely academic; it is our deliberate focus on powerful learning and empowering girls. It requires an increased emphasis on gaining skills with opportunities for both problem posing and problem solving. It supports personal development and wellbeing, recognising the challenges our young women face in today’s world. It provides opportunities and provocations for girls to put their learning into action, to test their leadership and to engage in our community, both local and global. It is about identifying personal strengths, learning from failures, developing resilience and grit, and leading purposeful lives.

We know that success is deeply personal. Teaching staff at Ruyton are immersed in developing powerful learning for our girls; learning that matters not only now, but well into their futures. The size of our school enables us to know our girls well and for them to make strong relationships and networks within our community. We enjoy a strong sense of connection where each girl knows she is valued for who she is.

Traditionally students have been expected to master a defined body of information, mostly through recall, to give the right answer, to get the right grade, and to proceed through our schools via a linear and defined pathway. We recognise the need for old norms to now give way to deeper, broader and more individualised perspectives on learning, living and success. As we prepare our girls for tomorrow’s world, the development of collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills, along with creativity, digital learning, enterprise and global citizenship, are essential components of our educational focus.

It is the unwavering intent to ensure academic growth for every girl through personalised learning. Our learning culture is far more than a curriculum or programs; it is our approach to learning developed through progressive methods and practices and the promotion of intellectual curiosity alongside a growth mindset.

We seek to support our girls in their development as well-rounded individuals capable of meeting the challenges of life. We believe our rich and varied co-curricular program is an important component of a Ruyton education. Our girls have achieved remarkable success in a range of sports, including cross country, track and field, rowing, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, netball and softball. In Performing Arts our girls flourish on the stage in musicals and plays, or in choirs, orchestras and ensembles. Our debaters and writers continue to receive accolades and awards, acknowledging their superb speaking skills and ability to think, argue and debate with courage, confidence and compassion. These endeavours provide our girls with opportunities to discover and hone their talents, overcome challenges, and to find their passion.

Ruyton Girls’ School is a dynamic and engaging learning community where girls come first. It is a place where girls and young women have the opportunity to dream, discover and develop as capable and confident young women. As we celebrate 140 years of outstanding education for girls, we also celebrate our identity as a forward thinking and independent school.

Quite simply, at Ruyton we believe in girls.


As an independent, forward thinking girls’ school, Ruyton is committed to preparing girls for a lifetime of learning, leadership and […]

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