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Last year Ruyton Girls’ School was thrilled to announce that Ruyton Early Learning received an overall rating of Exceeding in our Assessment and Rating Report from the Department of Education and Training.

At the beginning of the year we received notification that the Department would commence the assessment and rating process to determine whether, and at what rating level, we met the National Quality Standard and the National Regulations. This process involved submitting our Quality Improvement Plan to the Department and a two-day visit by one of their authorised officers.

Preparing our Quality Improvement Plan was, and continues to be, a team effort – all members of staff and other stakeholders are invited to contribute. The Quality Improvement Plan contains the Ruyton Early Learning Philosophy, a self-assessment of the quality of our practice and identification of areas for improvement and action plans to outline how improvements can be achieved.

During the two-day visit, the authorised officer reviewed documents such as the educational programme, assessments and evaluations of children, enrolment records, policies and procedures, staff records and attendance records. The officer spent a great deal of time observing practice and interactions with children, as well as interviewing the staff, the Director of Early Learning, the Head of Junior School, and the Principal, Ms Linda Douglas.

When we received our final Assessment and Rating Report we were very proud to have been awarded a rating of Exceeding in all seven areas of the National Quality Standard. This means Ruyton Early Learning is exceeding the national standard in the areas of: educational progamme and practice, children’s health and safety, physical environment, staffing arrangements, relationships with children, collaborative partnerships with families and communities, and leadership management.

We are grateful to all our community – our children, families and staff who have contributed to this achievement. In particular, we express our appreciation to the staff of Ruyton Early Learning – their commitment to ensuring quality care and education for our children is reflected in this overall rating of exceeding.

Congratulations Ruyton Early Learning – we are an Exceeding service on a national level and everyone should be proud of this exceptional achievement!


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